Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Like Trump today, the GOP tried to reject Calvin Coolidge but ended up glad to have him

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

After a war no one wanted and eight years of the devious and racially divisive Democrat Woodrow Wilson, America was ready for a change and “return to normalcy.”

Nevertheless, it took until the tenth ballot at their 1920 nominating convention for Republicans to select Calvin Coolidge as their presidential candidate even though few thought could win.

But the plain speaking Coolidge did win and went to work immediately to fix the Democrat mess that had put America in a deep recession that caused the unemployment rate to hit 15%.

In just six months of saying ‘No” to new spending and drastically cutting taxes Coolidge ended the crisis, cut unemployment in half and got the nation back on its feet.

There was nothing mysterious about Coolidge’s success. He pulled the country back from the Democrats’ record debts and shrank the size of government with a firm management style that worked for the American people, not the special interests.   

In our current period of high national debt, low productivity, record low labor participation and growing dependency on government programs, the opportunities for a President Donald Trump to emulate Coolidge and achieve similar success are clearly obvious.

Trump is an expert at diagnosing and fixing just the type of financial problems America faces today. He is a man of action at a time that is very similar to conditions in 1921 and will be just as effective as Coolidge.

If the Republican Party as a whole would stop whining about Trump and get behind him a turnaround on the order of the Coolidge success could be realized in a very short time.

If the Republicans fight for themselves instead of the American people they will lose the Senate and hamper Trump’s ability to fix the nation’s problems.

The Coolidge formula is simple and Trump is best suited to putting it into action.

Now it’s up to us. We can continue to sink into the Democrats’ failed European Socialist model or save ourselves and turn a new page in our history. 


  1. The successful Republican Candidate in 1920 was Senator Warren G Harding of Ohio. The Republican Convention chose Governor Calvin Coolidge as his Vice Presidential running mate in a revolt, rejecting Harding's choice, Senator Irvine Lenroot of Wisconsin. So I suppose the lesson of 1920 is that the delegates should vote their conscience. Without that, Calvin Coolidge would never have become President in 1923 when Harding died.

  2. Hard to take anything you post seriously if you can't even get the basic facts right.