Thursday, June 16, 2016

Islamic Terrorist Omar Mateen did not use an AR 15 in Orlando nightclub



Contrary to what our DC politicians and national media members want the American public to believe, Islamic terrorist Omar Mateen did not use an AR 15 to kill 50 nightclub goers in Orlando. Instead, he used a Sig Sauer MCX which he had purchased earlier in the week. 

Red State explains: 

Now this Sig is every bit as dangerous as an AR-15. It is sold in a semi-auto version to sportsmen and in full automatic by assorted special operations forces worldwide. The point is that it is not an AR-15 and no one, other than the media, ever claimed it was an AR-15. In fact, there is no humanly possible way it could be mistaken for an AR-15. This is not a mistake. This is a narrative. It is designed to build a consensus that the AR-15 is uniquely dangerous and contrive to outlaw it. Once that is accomplished the cry will be raised to outlaw similar weapons.

And Bob Owens writes on Bearing Arms:

All the media cares about is that they’ve wrapped their anti-gun dreams on demonizing the most popular rifle sold in the United States and they’re going to keep attacking it, whether or not it was used in any particular incident or not.

The folks at Red State have included this handy guide used by members of the mainstream Media for mistake-free identification of weapons: 

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