Friday, June 10, 2016

How Bill Clinton sold America’s missile technology and safety to China for $1.5 million

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

As the Roosevelt Administration had put Americans in danger by selling the Soviet Communists nuclear weapon materials in the 1940s, Bill Clinton endangered all Americans by allowing the sale of dangerous military grade missile technology to the Communist Chinese. In spite of a strong recommendation to NOT do so, Clinton approved the sale of technology to China which would eventually help our enemies to develop more reliable intercontinental missiles – the kind that can reach America’s cities and by now probably hit specific blocks.  

In 1996, Democrat contributor Bernard Schwartz was the C.O.O. of Loral Space and Communications Corporation when he and Clinton, who was desperate for campaign cash for his re-election, struck a deal.

Loral was in a tight spot because it had sold the Chinese rocket technology that was defective. A Loral-made Chinese missile crashed and killed 200 people.

To keep the Chinese happy, Schwartz wanted to send them more missile technology despite that fact that it was deemed to be secret by Clinton’s own Security advisers. They declared it would eventually pose a threat to American security. 

In the meanwhile the Chinese were using spies to steal our missile technology at various weapons plants across the country. 

Even knowing this, in February 1998, Bill Clinton approved a new sale of a Loral missile technology to the Chinese after Schwartz had donated $1.5 million to the Democrats.

Experts have postulated that the technology Clinton arranged for China to buy from Loral is at the core of the Dong Feng-31 intercontinental ballistic missile and probably their new Aircraft Carrier killer rockets (the Dong Feng 21A) that can destroy our biggest ships with one direct hit killing 6,000 sailors at a time.

Clinton sold our security to the Chinese for Schwartz’s $1.5 million donation! Think about that.

The Loral Space and Communications betrayal is another reason why the Clintons must never ever be allowed into the White House again. They have sold out our security before and will do so again.

This material is an excerpt from the book Crooks thugs and Bigots:
the lost hidden and changed history of the Democrat Party.
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  1. This article is so full of errors and fabricated notions that it is complete fantasy at this point. It looks like the story was run through the brains of Brian Williams and Hillary Clinton multiple times and then edited by the Weekly World News. I am a rabid conservative who despises the Clintons but I was in the middle of this situation at Loral at the time and can assure you that the description of the events here is 99% wrong.

  2. Keep dreaming Einstein and get off my site!

  3. Keep dreaming Einstein and get off my site!

  4. Yes, we should not let truth get in the way of a good story. And it's wise to ban those with actual knowledge from your site to avoid any discussion on the merits. So I will join the rest of humanity in staying off your site as you request.