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Health of Americans being devastated by Illegal Aliens as smallpox, leprosy and TB reappear

On May 19th, a piece was posted on The Coach’s Team entitled The Deadliest Disease of All. One paragraph states: “It is clear that some of the illegal aliens who are sneaking into our country are bringing deadly diseases with them. Small pox, Chicken pox, measles, scabies, TB, Cholera and an assortment of other dangerous, communicable diseases can be found in the holding facilities that house these people.”

One of our readers commented: "Bringing small pox"? Really? Smallpox, which has been eliminated in nature... is being brought to the US by illegal aliens. Citation needed.”

A brief description of the late Dr. Madeleine Cosman (1937-2006) exists on Wikipedia: "As a medical lawyer, educator and health-care policy guru, she testified before Congress, wrote 15 books and buttressed conservative politicians' arguments against [illegal] immigration." In her paper, “Illegal Aliens and American Medicine,” Cosman wrote: “Yet many illegal aliens harbor fatal diseases that American medicine fought and vanquished long ago, such as drug-resistant tuberculosis, malaria, leprosy, plague, polio, dengue and Chagas disease.”

The article that follows is a remembrance of Dr. Madeleine Cosman by reporter and radio host George Putnam, who writes: “In this report and on our radio show, Madeleine familiarized us all with such unfamiliar diseases as dengue fever, Marburg fever, Chagas disease and the re-introduction to our society of smallpox, polio, hepatitis, tuberculosis and leprosy, which is not common knowledge.”

The gentleman who commented suggested that small pox had been “eliminated in nature.” Actually, the disease had been eliminated in the United States; as had polio and TB. But these and other diseases have been re-introduced to the American people thanks to countless illegal aliens taking advantage of Barack Obama’s open borders policy.

Links to additional articles mentioning small pox, leprosy and other dread diseases being carried into the United States by Illegal Aliens follow the Putnam article.

The devastation to the health of Americans caused by Barack Obama’s illegally imported Democrat voters is being covered up by the president’s appointees in the federal government and his supporters in the national media. Fortunately, however, some have the courage to make this disaster known.

Dr. Madeleine Cosman’s Legacy – A Harsh Warning
By George Putnam

It is this reporter’s opinion that we American citizens have lost one of our greatest advocates in the illegal alien invasion battle. Seldom does a person with such impeccable credentials step forward to participate in the effort to reclaim America. I speak of Dr. Madeleine Cosman, Ph.D., J.D., M.A., B.A. a medical/legal genius.

Madeleine, a regular on this report, recently died of a rare progressive disease, scleroderma, that leads to hardening and tightening of the skin and connective tissues (the fibers that provide the framework and support for your body). Ironically, Dr. Cosman, a medical scientist who had dedicated her life to others in need, found herself afflicted by a disease for which there is no known cure. It is not considered contagious or cancerous, but in the case of Dr. Cosman, it has proved fatal.

In this report and on our radio show, Madeleine familiarized us all with such unfamiliar diseases as dengue fever, Marburg fever, Chagas disease and the re-introduction to our society of smallpox, polio, hepatitis, tuberculosis and leprosy, which is not common knowledge.

The good doctor was concerned in each public appearance and radio and television interview with the illegal aliens who cross our borders MEDICALLY UNEXAMINED. Said Madeleine, “We may know what illegal aliens carry in their BACKPACKS; we do not know what they carry in their bodies.”

Said Dr. Cosman: “When grandpa came to America, he kissed the ground of New York’s Ellis Island. Then he stripped naked and coughed real hard. Every legal immigrant before 1924 was examined for infectious diseases upon arrival and tested for tuberculosis. Anyone infected was shipped back to the old country. That was powerful incentive for each newcomer to make heroic efforts to appear healthy.

“Today, LEGAL immigrants must demonstrate they are free of communicable diseases and drug addiction to qualify for lawful permanent residency green cards. But ILLEGAL aliens stop at no medical checkpoint. Whoever walks through our GOLDEN DOOR comes in whether healthy or sick. If we catch and detain a sick illegal alien who proves to have a serious disease, we keep him. Our foolish compassion makes us fear that his home country has neither adequate medical resources nor modern wonder drugs.

“So we release sick illegal aliens to our American streets to infect others if their diseases are contagious, or we place them in our Medicaid program and pay for their expensive treatments.”

Thus we see horrendous diseases that we long ago conquered in America are coming back to plague us. Let’s take tuberculosis as an example. Ordinary T.B. can be cured in six months with four drugs that cost about $ 2,000. Serious M.D.R.-T.B. takes 24 months at a cost in expensive drugs at approximately $ 250,000. Each illegal alien with M.D.R.-T.B. coughs and infects numerous people who will not show symptoms immediately; the disease explodes later like a time bomb.

In “Hospital to the World Welcomes Illegals and Contagious Diseases” (April 25, 2005), Dr. Cosman informs us that:

* T.B. was virtually absent in Virginia until in 2002 it spiked a 17 percent increase.
* Not far from Washington, D.C., T.B. had a meteoric rise of 188 percent. Public health officials blame immigrants, traced to illegal aliens from Mexico.
* The Queens, New York, Health Department attributed 81 percent of new T.B. cases in 2001 to immigrants, with 42 percent of all new T.B. cases ascribed to the foreign born.
* Violent T.B. outbreaks afflicted schoolteachers and children in Michigan and adults and kids in Texas. The teachers and kids caught it at school from the coughing children of illegal aliens.
* In Minnesota, the police suddenly came down with M.D.R.-T.B. The cops caught it in their patrol cars when they arrested illegal aliens who coughed in their faces.
* T.B. erupted in Portland, Maine, and DelRay Beach, Florida, directly traced to illegals.
Dr. Cosman also told this reporter of other diseases brought back to us by illegals:
* She cited Chagas disease, which has no known cure and has the revolting nickname of “kissing bug disease.” The bug has parasites that favor the lips and the face for infection and infects 18 million people in Latin America.
* She cites leprosy: Suddenly, in the past three years, America has more than 7,000 cases. Illegal aliens brought leprosy from India, Brazil, the Caribbean and Mexico.
* Next on the list: dengue fever. There was a recent outbreak in Webb County, Texas, on the border with Mexico.
* Polio was eradicated from America but now appears in illegal immigrants.
* Malaria was obliterated but is now emerging in Texas and other states.
* About 4,000 young children under age 5 have contracted a disease called Kawasaki, known as “strawberry tongue.”
* And there’s the deadly Marburg disease.
* And there’s the ever-present and increasing Hepatitis A, B and C; an outbreak occurred near Pittsburgh, where 3,000 came down with it thanks to infected Mexico-grown scallions and illegal alien kitchen workers in Chi-Chi’s restaurant. Two Americans died.

We can thank the late Dr. Madeleine Cosman for alerting us to what the illegal aliens bring to us as they cross our borders. Dr. Cosman was outstanding in the fields of law and medicine, and she provided constant updates on disease information we found nowhere else. She exposed the disease factors and the astronomical costs to the taxpayers for the medical services never reimbursed as well as the costs of “anchor babies.” Madeleine knew that the wonderful nation left to us by our forefathers could be destroyed without constant vigilance.

Indeed, we are the GOLDEN DOOR Hospital to the World and we’re paying for all of it. But, dear doctor, you’ve done us a great public service in keeping us informed. You, dear friend, will be sorely missed.

The above article was first posted March 10, 2006. 

Dr. Cosman appears on youtube at this link:

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