Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Gays opting for common sense and self-preservation over Democrat politics

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The wake-up call that Gays and Lesbians received with the murder of forty nine innocent peaceful members of their community on June 12th in Orlando is having a clear effect on their political opinions. They are slowly moving toward support of Donald Trump.

A 2012 Gallup survey found that just 13% of the Gay and Lesbian community self-identify as Republican so Trump or any Republican would have a tough time growing a base of this group; but yet it is happening.

As he has with so many other groups who have been historically unfriendly to Republicans, Trump has found a way to break through to the LGBT community. By pledging fair treatment and safety for LGBT Americans, Trump is moving the dial in his favor and doing so at Hillary Clinton’s expense.

On June 12th, the day of the savage Muslim terror attack on the Gay club in Orlando, the political opinions of the LGBT community member were as follows:

65% intended to vote for Clinton

25% refused to say, or were not voting

10% intended to vote for Trump

Just ten days later on June 21 the numbers had turned sharply to the benefit of Trump:
42% refused to say or were not voting

41% intended to vote for Clinton

17% intended to vote for Trump

Hillary Clinton is on her way to losing the necessary support of yet another group. She has lost 24% of the LGBT community’s support. Combined with the 42% who refused to say or were not voting, this development is fraught with danger for Clinton. If Trump can split this group evenly he can get as much as 38% of the LGBTs which would be an important step toward reaching the White House.

The lie that the LGBT Community hates Trump is now dead. Like so many other attacks and lies about him, this one is backfiring and strengthening Trump.

There was a time not long ago when Gays and Lesbians supported Republicans at a rate of about 33%. Trump is on track to hit that number and likely will zoom right past it.

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