Thursday, June 23, 2016

From here out Hillary Clinton is on defense and that is not a winning formula

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Yesterday a stunned Slate magazine said this about Donald Trump’s smashing speech outlining Hillary Clinton’s crimes: “Donald Trump’s Wednesday morning speech about Hillary Clinton’s record is probably the most unnervingly effective one he has ever given.” Let’s go one further: It was the most effective speech given by a Republican in living memory and Trump is just getting started.  

The media started yesterday in a state of shock. The geniuses at NBC publicly moaned that they could not believe Trump is tied with Clinton in Ohio and Pennsylvania. “How could this be; Trump just had the worst week of his campaign?” they asked incredulously.  Of course we know the answer; it is simply because “the worst week in Trump’s campaign” was their opinion, not ours.

Trump’s public indictment of Clinton yesterday has made the Comey investigation of her E mail crimes superfluous. Trump has moved the matter into the Court of Public Opinion where there will be no crooked judge, no crooked jury nor any crooked appeal system.

Trump will take this public indictment and try Clinton publicly from now until November. She has seen her last peaceful day. Oh there still will be rigged polls constructed with huge over samples of Democrats and call-backs to people they know will say what they want to hear; but Hillary Clinton is nothing if not a cunning animal; and she will know the “polls” are lies. She lives in lies so she can spot them a mile away.

Any lame media attacks about Trump University and a La Raza judge have been swept away. Painting Trump as anti-women, anti-minority, anti-Gay, anti-anybody has been tried; those charges have fallen flat and only made him stronger.

From here on out, Clinton will be on defense. And you do not win by playing defense.  

The media is stunned now so don’t expect an answer until tomorrow afternoon or later. Their opening lame attempt to defend Clinton by claiming “Clinton Cash” has been “discredited” will only make the book more popular.

Saying, as the media puppet from Slate has, that Trump’s speech was filled with lies only invites a point by point examination that will make the speech into a “must read.”

With last week’s fake Reuters “poll” which over sampled Democrats by 18 points, the media thought that they had killed Trump and they could head for the Hamptons for the summer. That’s gone now. Even Reuters had to report Trump cut that “deficit” in half.

“Bell-weather county polls” in some important states show Trump with solid leads in Ohio and North Carolina but YUGE leads in Pennsylvania (17 POINTS) and Nevada (12 POINTS).

That is why he has thrived during his “worst week.”


  1. You know it just occurred to me, without the Internet and articles like yours, Trump would not be around and Hillary would definitely be the shoe-in.

  2. @batazoid---Certainly the media will do everything in their power to elect Hillary, but unlike Hussein the Unknown (thanks in large part to the media), Hillary has a 25 year record of lies, destruction, theft and corruption all of which Trump will spell out for American voters. The Coach's Team will spend the next months making certain our readers know everything about Hillary the media continue to cover up.

    Thanks for reading TCT