Friday, June 24, 2016

Another week brings more crippling math problems for Hillary Clinton

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Adolf Hitler’s Propaganda Chief Joseph Goebbels operated on a simple principle: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

For several decades we have steadily been losing ground to the Left because they have lied about everything, big and small. This said, here are some nasty numbers on Hillary Clinton’s campaign the media can’t smother.

We’ve all heard that Republicans hate Trump and Democrats love Hillary. This is not true.

A new Gallup survey shows the number of Democrats happy that Clinton is their candidate went from an unhelpful 77% last month to a worrisome 71% this month. The same survey found that last month just 27% of Republicans were happy that Trump is their candidate; but this month that number has risen to 59%. While this is still not where Trump would want it to be, he is zooming in the right direction picking up 32% while Clinton is staggering in the wrong direction losing 6%. The more people see of her the less they like her.        

Yet another series of numbers that are not good for Clinton come from state level polls conducted by Reuters (oh you remember, they’re the guys who grossly over sample Democrats); these surveys focused on “Bell Weather” counties in seven  battleground states.

They show some good news for Clinton; she’s up 4 in Colorado’s Jefferson County and +8 in Virginia’s Loudoun County. She’s tied in Hillsborough County Florida as well.

After that, however, the math works against Clinton. In Watuaga County North Carolina she trails by 4 points, in Sandusky County Ohio she trails by 5 points; in Washoe County Nevada she trails by 12 points and in Luzerne County Pennsylvania she trails by 17 points.   

Add in the coming devastating 2 point downward revision of the GDP during the Obama Administration that will push his GDP performance to -.45% and the bad news keeps coming.  Since Clinton has attached herself to Barack Obama and this report will be released just prior to the end of the Democrat Convention, the result will be more bad math for Hillary Clinton.  

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