Sunday, May 1, 2016

Trump baits the hook with, “Women don’t like Hillary Clinton.” Will the media take it again?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Tuesday night, toward the end of his victory speech, Donald Trump threw out some bait in hopes of snagging the media and once again humiliating them for their lack of diligence.   He said Hillary Clinton has nothing but the “Women’s card.”  “If Hillary Clinton was a man she would be at 5%.” These remarks were calculated and carefully delivered to compel his lazy media enemies to listen to him. Sure that he had their attention Trump added, “And women don’t like her.”

The “uproar” that followed came mostly from Clinton herself who tried in vain to turn this into another “macaca moment” that would finish Trump off. She will fail because as usual, Trump knows what he is talking about. The simple truth is that women don’t like Hillary Clinton. 
There's more than just one reason for that, Hillary.

Trump was undoubtedly referencing a McLaughlin & Associates survey released earlier this month when he said women don’t like Clinton.

Not only did the survey find that women don’t like Hillary Clinton, the delicious irony is that McLaughlin did the survey for National Review which then got stuck releasing its findings.

Here’s what the survey showed:

Presented with her favorable number first then followed by her unfavorable number; among women in the four regions of the country Clinton is at 39/53 in the East; 36/62 in the Midwest; 36/60 in the South and 38/54 in the West; meaning that the national average of women who like/dislike Hillary Clinton is 37/59.

Among White women Clinton is at 30/65; with Hispanic women she is at 41/56.

Women under 55 – 37/58; and with women older than 55 – 37/60.

Among women making under $60K 39/56; over $60K 34/61. Women who own businesses 28/69 employed women – 39/59. 

It is evident from these numbers that Hillary Clinton is indeed NOT liked by women. She does not have many cards to play since she has accomplished little more than silently accepting the jobs she was given by the Democrat Party as bribes for remaining silent while Bill Clinton raped and degraded women with impunity.    

So Trump is right again; but the media will not touch that remark. There is nothing Clinton can do to turn these numbers around.

This is why Trump is just 3 points away from Clinton in the latest Battleground Poll.

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