Thursday, May 5, 2016

“The Trump Effect” will make Clinton a punching bag as the symbol of all the lying politicia

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Hillary Clinton is a reflexive liar.  Lying has gotten her where she is, but lying will also be her downfall. She will quickly learn she will not be able to lie her way out of attacks merely because she a woman and the Democrats’ candidate. “That’s how it always is,” is now “That’s how it was.”

In what might be called “The Trump Effect,” Clinton is now facing a new kind of voter.  Donald Trump’s “tell the truth and speak like the guys on the loading dock not on the stage” approach to winning elections has awakened a new spirit of direct confrontation that will not be kind to Hillary.  The Trump style has systematically destroyed all of his Republican primary opponents with its direct punches in the mouth and when it is trained on her it will do the same. Hillary will not be able to rely on her gender to keep her safe from confrontations with well-versed voters who are sick of nice sounding lies.

At a recent campaign stop in West Virginia, Hillary assumed she would be greeted warmly by those she has vowed to destroy because she is a woman and a Democrat. She didn’t expect to be confronted by an unemployed coalworker who has to feed his children and doesn’t know how he can now that the policies she wants to continue have destroyed his life.  

Claiming she ‘misspoke” won’t save her in this new “Trump Effect” world. It didn’t work in Coal Country. Clinton’s apology for saying she “would put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business,” fell flat.

When they meet for debates Trump will turn them into interrogations and have the support of political lynch mobs hanging on every word.

The Trump Effect will force her to craft new lies about Benghazi and realize the apologies that worked in the past won’t work under the new rules.  Clinton will learn the hard lesson that she cannot “just make it all go away,” with a few sweet lies.

Whether Hillary realizes it or not Trump will make her the symbol of every lying politician people have come to hate. At each rally, each debate, the crowds will be eager to see her torn apart like the Christians that the Romans fed to lions. She will not be the first female president. Hillary Clinton will instead be the first political punching bag in the new era of the “The Trump Effect.”

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