Thursday, May 19, 2016

The deadliest disease of all

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Disease is the absence of health. Although many diseases still have the potential to end our life we have found ways to combat them and avoid the deadly pandemics of the past. History tells us between 75 and 200 million people died in Europe during the middle years of the 14th century. It took just six years to sweep across the continent and reduce the population by at least 1/3. 

Those who survived were emotionally and financially destroyed.   

Because of modern medicine and a clearer understanding of the how and why of epidemics we are at much less risk of a world-wide deadly pathogen pandemic. We can make our lives safer by building stronger buildings and safer cars; and we can rely on careful procedures to reduce our risk of premature death. Here in America we have always been relatively safe from most diseases and accidents but today we find ourselves threatened by the worst disease in human history; the disease of Socialism.

It is clear that some of the illegal aliens who are sneaking into our country are bringing deadly diseases with them. Small pox, Chicken pox, measles, scabies, TB, Cholera and an assortment of other dangerous, communicable diseases can be found in the holding facilities that house these people.

Nevertheless, while only some of these individuals are infected with physically threatening diseases, all are carriers of the far worse disease of Socialism. We can eventually cure illegals with the aforementioned physical diseases, keeping them quarantined until those around them are safe; but Socialism will strike down each and every American. Socialism will make no exceptions for the fools who are working so hard to erase our border and bring them in. No one is safe when a pandemic of Socialism strikes a country.  

Socialism in the form of Communism, Nazism, Marxism and actual Socialism has killed hundreds of millions of people in just the past one hundred years.  Socialism kills the spirit, mind and finally the body of every person who comes under its corrosive hand.

The CDC type diseases these illegal aliens are bringing to our country are certainly terrible and frightening; but the disease of Socialism they carry is far worse.

It is the deadliest disease of all.      


  1. But American socialism is better; we always do it better. Our gulags will be kinder, our secret police less intrusive and our leaders less rewarding to their cronies, right?

  2. @Unknown...Yeah, I forgot that our DC socialists are only doing what is best for us. It's for our own good, right?

  3. "Bringing small pox"? Really? Smallpox, which has been eliminated in nature... is being brought to the US by illegal aliens. Citation needed.