Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Stop the witch hunt! The Army is persecuting an innocent man

By Glenn MacDonald Major USAR (ret)

"If you divorce me, I will ruin your career. I will ruin your life. I know how to do it."
So said the vindictive ex-"wife" of MAJ Chris "Kit" Martin, a master aviator and Army Ranger who faces court-martial May 9 at Fort Campbell, Ky.
The 30-year veteran (17 of those years on active duty) tells MilitaryCorruption.com his life has been "a living hell" ever since his disturbed former mate made a series of wild charges against him - everything from he was an enemy spy, to he allegedly molested her young children (from other relationships) when he gave them a bath.

We could publish this woman's name here if we chose to - it's in court records when she was convicted of a felony - but to save us the headache, for our purposes, we'll simply refer to her as the so-called "victim."

A careful, months-long investigation by our staff shows the vengeful female apparently has big problems telling the truth. Not only do relatives and family members state in tape-recorded interviews that the accuser has a long history of fabrications and false charges, but, when first informed of the accusations, MAJ Martin passed a polygraph test.

"It was a three-hour test by one of the Army's top examiners from Ft. Meade," Martin told an MCC investigator. "As to the lies about me and the children," the field-grade officer said, "I was cleared by both the Christian County Sheriff's Dept. and Kentucky Child Protective Services."

Asked why the Army would go ahead and prosecute him in the face of overwhelming evidence he is innocent, Martin cited the name of MAJ GEN Mark R. Stammer, whom Martin says exhibited "unlawful command influence" in his case.
Nicknamed "Stammer the Hammer," the hard-charging flag officer was promoted from one to two stars after he demanded Martin be court-martialed no matter what. "Stammer is one vicious son-of-a-bitch," said an Army colonel, who asked us to protect his identity.

What have we come to when America's best are witch-hunted and destroyed?
MAJ Martin has more than 1000 hours of combat time in the air over Iraq. None other than retired Army Chief of Staff GEN. Raymond Odierno once wrote on Martin's OER that he was "one of the very best." We agree.

During this ordeal, Martin has had guns pointed at his head by over-zealous Army CID agents; his personal laptop confiscated, even though it contained information protected by attorney-client privilege; and the major prohibited from seeing loved ones, after arbitrarily being restricted to a 30-mile radius of Fort Campbell, Ky.
It is an outrage that "Kit" Martin's life and military career has been sacrificed on the bloody altar of "political correctness." The real criminals here, are those who LIED about him and also, knowing the accusations were patently false, went ahead and persecuted him anyway.

We are told the late GEN George Patton once said that some politicians would "wipe their ass with the American flag if they thought it would get them some more votes." Indelicately put, perhaps, but so true of the career-minded JAG whores and boot-licking, sycophantic brass hats who have betrayed honorable men.

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