Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Refusing to support a “Gay awareness Day” Bay area nuns take a stand for Catholic doctrine

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

In response to their own Catholic high school’s participation in a day of silence designed to show support for homosexuality, five nuns walked out of their classrooms last week. These strong women decided to stand with Catholic doctrine in recognition of their faith, beliefs and mission to teach their students the Church’s position on aberrant sexuality.   

Billed as a “national Day of Silence” the stunt was concocted by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network a New York organization which has been pushing the “Day” scheme since 2000. The stand taken by the nuns comes as an affirmation of the authority of Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone who is the bishop of the diocese which includes Marin.

The archbishop has, “proposed requiring teachers and staff members at Marin Catholic and three other parochial high schools to accept contract and handbook language condemning homosexuality, same-sex marriage, abortion and birth control.” 

Archbishop Cordileone has been a “problem” for San Francisco’s fake Catholics – particularly Nancy Pelosi – since he was assigned to his position several years ago.  He has forced Pelosi to make a series of stupid and unfounded remarks about Catholic doctrine and is not well received by the general CINO (Catholic In Name Only) community.  

In explanation of their action, the five Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist issued a letter directed to their students saying, “We went home on Friday because what happened was inappropriate. We went home because we were made to feel uncomfortable and used for another’s agenda. We went home because the Catholic school and faith that we love was being compromised.”

The sisters said they learned of the event from a Facebook announcement that appeared on the Marin Catholic High School’s page that according to Chris Valdez the school's principal, should not have been posted.  

Painting a benign face on the support of sexuality that contradicts Catholic doctrine, a spokeswoman for the sponsoring organization said students are asked to remain silent for the day and hand out propaganda to those attempting to engage them in conversation.

The sisters recognized this as an opportunity for bullying by the left on an issue they were willing to fight over and they did just that. They reported that, “Some students told us that when they declined the stickers, they were yelled at and openly criticized…”

God bless these fine women.

This piece was published on the Coach is Right website in April of 2015. One year later, young women are being forced to share bathroom facilities with perverts and would-be rapists in the name of properly accommodating those who “feel” somehow that they are really women.

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