Wednesday, May 11, 2016

President Trump’s orchard is loaded with low hanging fruit

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The silly notion that resistance by a Republican controlled House and Senate could somehow stop a President Donald Trump from making beneficial changes to public policies needs to be kicked to the curb. It’s a lie created by the quislings at National Review Online (NRO) and the GOPe.

When Trump takes office, this feckless bunch which could not/would not stop Barack Obama would have no public support or actual courage to start suing its own president.

Using executive orders, Trump could immediately start picking “low hanging political fruit.” Doing so would bring results by next summer.

By Executive Order Trump could:

Allow individual health insurance plans to be written over state lines.

He could order swift and effective actions (suspending them and ordering new investigations of them) against the IRS administrators who have been illegally attacking conservatives.

He could easily cripple the tyrants at the federal EPA, saving coal miner jobs and freeing up agricultural businesses to be productive again.

He could realign the members of the FCC to stop its threats to freedom of speech; and he could order the firing of the crooked and vicious VA Hospital system administrators who are letting our veterans suffer and die unnecessarily.

He could boost military morale by recommending a pay raise and ending the harassment and persecution of Military chaplains.

A President Trump could order the immediate dismantling of Sanctuary Cities in which illegal aliens are free to hunt and prey on American citizens.

He can order the immediate deportation of M-13 gang members and break their control of our cities.

He can immediately reverse Obama’s executive orders erasing our borders.

He can order a stoppage of compliance with the Iran nuclear treaty revealed to have been built on lies.

Order forthwith completion of the Benghazi investigation.

Appoint all new US Assistant D A’s with orders to pursue all open political corruption cases.

By executive order, a President Trump could stop the flow of immigrants from certain Muslim countries and order construction of the Keystone pipeline. 

These moves would be easy to make and would be unstoppable by the GOPe.

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