Monday, May 2, 2016

New York City’s Democrat scandals work to Trump’s advantage; put New York State in play

By Kevin ‘Coach’ Collins

As Blue as New York State is, its Senate is still controlled by the Republicans. In New York City, however there is no Republican presence except for three City Council seats. Consequently the City’s scandals are 100% owned by Democrats.

Preet Bharara
After a thorough investigation, Preet Bharara, a local US Attorney, succeeded in convicting and jailing both the Democrat Speaker of the State Assembly and the Republican Leader of the State Senate. Immediately afterward Bharara announced he was going after New York’s Democrat Governor, Andrew Cuomo. Then a strange thing happened: Bharara announced that he would not be going further on any investigations of Cuomo.

Just a few weeks after Bharara’s 180 degree U-turn away from Cuomo, as many as five different investigations into how things are done in New York City came to light. There is one looking into Mayor Bill de Blasio making fund raising calls from his office to put together the money to allow him to manipulate the outcome of upstate State Senate elections.

Another focuses on a slush fund which provides kickbacks to de Blasio’s campaign contributors. And a third focuses on high ranking members of the City’s Police Department serving as personal service surfs for crooked businessmen. It seems the NYPD employees see to their master’s every desire in exchange for a roll with a hooker on a ride to Las Vegas. 
Mayor Bill de Blasio

Certainly these investigations will drag on until the fall and beyond. It means Democrats in New York will be hiding under their desk instead of raising money and campaigning for Hillary Clinton. It means Donald Trump has been given a very valuable edge in his contest with Clinton; and it means New York State is in play.    

These investigations clearly got kick started by Cuomo who must have given up names and crimes to buy his own freedom. The timing is too perfect for this not to be the case.  This means New York’s Democrats will not be working together this summer. 

Rather they will be avoiding former colleagues while selling each other out in return for a suddenly priceless get-out-of-jail-free card from the D.A.

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