Friday, May 27, 2016

Midterm elections attracting too many white voters

By Doug Book, editor

Just before the midterm election of 2014, Vice President Joe Biden made another of those insightful statements for which he will be forever remembered. Joe told CNN News that, "if you look at every single major issue of the campaign, the American public agree with [the White House] position." But if the vice president’s laugh-line-du-jour were actually true, why would his fellow liberals want to do away with the midterm election before Obama supporters had the opportunity to show just how loyal they really were?

It seems a “public policy” professor and a junior at Duke University had written an Op-Ed piece for the New YorkTimes in which they decided that “the 2 year [election] cycle isn’t just unnecessary; it’s harmful to American politics.” The authors maintained that after a president with a well-developed agenda (such as that of Hope and Change) enters the White House “…the midterm election cripples that same president’s ability to advance that agenda.”

Of course it’s just possible that midterm voters want no more of that “well-developed agenda” after 2 years have revealed what it is actually about.

There are 2 simple reasons that the left would want to end midterm elections. First, since World War II, Democrat presidents “have lost an average of 31 House seats and 4-5 Senate seats in midterms,” while Republican presidents have lost an average of 20 House seats and 3 in the Senate.

Secondly, midterms attract an electorate “…which is whiter, wealthier, older and more educated than presidential elections.” Is it possible that the liberal authors of the Times op-ed are suggesting that the influence of white voters should be limited by doing away with elections in which they are most likely to participate?  

The effect of those whiter, wealthier and smarter voters was felt in the 2014 midterm as Republicans re-claimed the Senate and extended their lead in the House by 10 seats.

Will the left ever understand that it won’t have to amend the Constitution and cancel elections if only it will begin supporting pro-American, pro-Constitution candidates? Of course, it wouldn’t be the left then, would it!

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