Monday, May 9, 2016

Let them go Third Party, Reagan lost 15% of Republicans and crushed Carter anyway

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The quislings who want to run a stooge like Mitt Romney Third Party to elect Hillary Clinton are selfish enemies of our freedom. Nevertheless, what they want to do will fail and they will be disgraced. In 1980 the Republican establishment hated Ronald Reagan every bit as much as they hate Donald Trump today. We didn’t know much about this because there was little reliable coverage by a media which, then as now, hated all Republicans. They ignored most of what went on except anything they could be used to hurt Republicans.

For those who are unaware of the history of the GOPe’s hatred for those they see as a threat to them, in 1980 the Republican establishment so hated Reagan that they actually made good on their threat to run a third Party candidate to derail him.

They got a little known Illinois Congressman named John Anderson to run. It was as disgraceful a display of selfishness as we are seeing from the GOPe and the slugs at National Review on Line today.

Overnight the Reagan haters poured money and ground troops into Anderson’s campaign and overnight he qualified in every state. He got little traction however and was dispatched by Reagan in a debate which ended his chances of winning. From the start his support bounced around and finally ended at 6.6% on Election Day. 

In the end the sabotage by Anderson and his co-conspirators cost Ronald Reagan about 15 percent of the rank and file Republican vote. But it made no difference. Reagan crushed Jimmy Carter then, just like Donald Trump will crush Hillary Clinton in November. And it will happen with or without the animus displayed by those who hate Trump because he’s not one of them.

There isn’t much difference between the John Anderson of 1980 and some of the stooges the Trump haters could entice to run as a third Party candidate today.  They are the same sort of selfish quislings who would gladly elect Hillary Clinton to keep their cushy lifestyles.  


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