Wednesday, May 4, 2016

It’s time to turn our efforts toward winning and taking our country back from All of our enemies

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

With his powerful concession speech last night, Senator Ted Cruz suspended his campaign for the Republican Party’s nomination for president. The battle for the prize has been won by Donald Trump; and for the continued survival of our nation, he must now defeat Hillary Clinton.

For those who have fought so hard for other candidates there is no more room for hedging. There are only two choices. Our support can go to a man who will stop the nation’s roll to the Left, close the borders, end Obamacare and get us advantageous trade deals or not.  While it might be very tempting to continue this debate over Donald Trump’s promises, the time for doing so is now over.

Even those who fervently believe that Trump is the wrong candidate for us to have nominated must agree that we have to back the candidate who says he will make things better over Hillary Clinton whom we have no doubt will make things worse. To deny this is simply dishonest.

The ballot in the fall will offer two choices: We can vote for what will certainly be four more years of Barack Obama’s destruction of our nation and our family’s future or we can vote for a man who loves America, loves his family and wants to do whatever he can to secure a better life for all Americans.

At this point not supporting Trump is supporting Hillary Clinton, a felon by any common definition of the term. Her reckless disregard for human life to favor Party politics is disgusting to anyone who loves our America.  

We must all come together to preserve our rights and our future. We must now put aside our differences and work to destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

The hopes and dreams of our children are riding on this election. Hasn’t the GOPe done enough to hurt us already? Isn’t it time to take back America from ALL of our common enemies?         


  1. We've seen the most radical demokkkRAT elected to the WH (TWICE!); now we'll see, if Trump isn't assassinated by the left along the way, the most liberal Republican elected to the WH.

  2. The most liberal Republican? It was George II who gave us the Patriot Act and all of the various add-ons which have allowed Big Brother to completely ignore our remaining Constitutional rights. Unending incarceration without the necessity of trial!! We have George to thank for that and much more. These assaults on us are promoted by the left. Should he win, Trump will have to work very hard to "out-liberal" George II.