Saturday, May 7, 2016

ISIS is No Longer Seen as a Terrorist Group

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh, speaking at a discussion with all the service chiefs before the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, told the crowd that ISIS looked an awful lot like something much more than a terrorist group.” 

In August 2014, the United States looked at ISIS only as a terrorist group and developed a military strategy to take on ISIS as a terrorist group. The Obama Regime--or its Ghost writer Ben Rhodes--mistakenly called ISIS the JV squad, ignoring the possibility that the group was developing an infrastructure and a government. Obama advisors also failed to consider the determination of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to create a Caliphate for hardline Islamists. Indeed the Islamic State in 
Iraq and Syria was so hardline that it was disavowed by al-Qaida.

Initial intelligence collection efforts focused on ISIS as a simple group of terrorists, missing the fact that the Islamic State was developing infrastructure and command and control over its territory. It’s likely that the group benefited from the Former Iraqi Sunni Government and military officers ousted from power.

General Welsh pointed out: “They had infrastructure. They had training infrastructure, recruiting infrastructure, financial infrastructure, governance infrastructure. They had what looked like fielded military forces. And they had this terrorist component”  

This forced the Air Force to change its operation from a tactical interdiction of terrorist operatives to a strategic operation with a purpose to destroy the infrastructure of the Islamic State. The wild card will consist of terrorist sleeper cells, located around the world and probably getting orders via the internet or from couriers posing as refugees or other nationalities who are sneaking into target countries.

In layman's terms, infrastructure consists of facilities like roads, bridges, ports, airports, telecommunications systems, sewer systems, water distribution, electrical generation, transmission and distribution, banking and financial systems and so forth.

ISIS’ only infrastructure involves items not destroyed during combat. It will remain intact only as long as it is maintained by others and is not destroyed by enemies. Roads which allow ISIS to smuggle oil from Mosul into Turkey are an example of infrastructure.

Of course, ISIS has little or no capability of building new infrastructure. Being in a constant state of war, the group will never be able to develop the infrastructure needed to run a caliphate. Never mind the capability of fighting modern armies.

ISIS may survive only as long as American leadership lacks the willpower to defeat them. Drones aren’t going to win this war. Since Obama is unwilling to do the job, maybe the next President will recognize the threat posed by this organization of killers.

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