Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Illegal border kids: Another issue just waiting for Republicans to use if they only had some courage

By Derrick Hollenbeck

Those who really want to win an election should make it a practice to listen to the demands of the people who will be voting.  

The opinions of voters regarding what to do about the tens of thousands of illegal alien children who have slithered into our country isn’t hard to discern. Nevertheless, we have come to expect that our wishes will be pushed aside in deference to those of the Chamber of Commerce. We don’t want illegal aliens to be allowed to stay in our country. We don’t want amnesty granted to these people. We want them kicked out.

A new Rasmussen poll, released this week, reiterates this sentiment. It found that likely voters sharply reject giving any aid and comfort to these invading children. We don’t want to house them; we don’t want to feed them and we don’t want to educate them.       

More than two in three likely voters say no to these illegal children being relocated into our home state; and 53% don’t want illegals taking seats in our taxpayer supported public schools.  

Americans are so fed up with the handling of these illegals they do not care that the U.S. Supreme Court has decided that all children – legally here or not – are entitled to a taxpayer paid, primary and secondary education in our public schools. The case that started all of this was decided in 1898 and of course had nothing to do with sneaking new Democrat voters into Red States.

Then as now the Court does not concern itself with such “bourgeois” matters as how its mandated largesse will be paid for given the poorly prepared, non-English speaking students who would be pouring into our towns and cities.

As is so often the case, Americans don’t agree with the Supreme Court. Not even one in five want legal rights given to illegal aliens, regardless of their age. We don’t want them accorded the same protections that we enjoy as citizens, but of course our tone deaf Republican candidates aren’t listening to us. They are too busy drooling over the money the Chamber of Commerce is throwing at them.

This piece was published on the Coach is Right website in October of 2014, just prior to the election. Though it's a safe bet that American voters are still very much opposed to providing a taxpayer-funded free ride to illegal aliens, don't expect our Republican lawmakers to react any differently to citizen wishes than they did 2 years ago; that being, not at all!


  1. Let's hope Trump does. If he doesn't, all we have to do is tell our other conservative friends in Trump's power base, and things will either change or we march, in toto, to another "disrupter".

  2. another piece of evidence of the r or k genetic strategies for reproduction. Very controversial - not for want of empirical evidence but because we are drowning in it.

    What are the r k strategies for reproduction? Some self evident races and cultures reproduce when they cannot support their offspring - may even dump the spawn in an environment/border with more resources -the way flowers distribute pollen.

    This is called the r strategy - like lower animals and plants... wherein the K strategy requires care and thoughtful parenting... by BOTH parents... when you see abandonment of children by one or both parents, tossing to the wind... or just breeding with no regard for survival.... it's not a strategy shared by all races and ethnicities.

    The biological mandate of parents toward their offspring is not equal... in people or lower animals.

    Google it..... r k strategy for reproduction.... toss your guilt .... and understand why we are drowning in 3rd world debris.

    1. @Carol...For decades the United States has endorsed and financed the unfettered breeding of inferior stock. No nation can survive an unlimited, artificially cultivated celebration of ignorance.