Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Georgetown University’s ugly past has caught up with its PC administrators

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The corruption of our great institutions has often been brought about by their location and nearness to the worst influences in our society.

Georgetown University’s location in Washington DC, the heart of America’s political cesspool, raises an interesting question about which institution corrupted which. Did Washington corrupt the Jesuit school or was it the school and its disgusting history that helped corrupt the workings of our government?  

Recently uncovered historical records have revealed that during a financial crisis in its earliest days, Georgetown was forced to sell off one of the Jesuit Order’s most valuable assets to stay afloat.

In 1838 the corporation that founded and funded Georgetown owned a tobacco plantation in Maryland which was staffed by hundreds of Black African slaves being held against their will. To raise the necessary cash to keep Georgetown open the corporation sold off 272 slaves hurling them into the frightening uncertainties of a life owned by other people.

As will always happen sooner or later, the truth of Georgetown’s very existence has finally bubbled up to the surface. To say Georgetown is in trouble would be a serious understatement.  

Georgetown is now, for all practical purposes, on the hook for a mind boggling moral and financial debt to the thousands of easily discovered descendants of these 272 human beings.

The question now is what to do? Without a doubt the self-righteous hypocrites that run the formerly Catholic university would be lightening quick to demand that the perpetrator of such an outrage sell off all its asset and beg a settlement with the thousands of claimants. But we know that will not happen. To the contrary the school’s administrators are not working on an orderly way to sell off the school’s assets and make things right; they are concerning themselves with how to weasel out of the collective guilt they just love to pour on other people especially those with whom they disagree politically – you know, those evil racist Republicans.

Regardless of its obvious magnitude, we won’t hear much about this story. The school is a liberal bastion and the claimants have become so sophisticated in prying reparations out of those who really aren’t guilty that in a case like this where the target is dripping with genuine guilt, they too want to keep the “negotiations” under wraps until Al Sharpton is installed as the new president of the school.

This should be lots of fun to watch. This site will keep an eye on the process and report the news as it happens.          

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