Friday, April 1, 2016

Why they fear Trump: A Black conservative’s perspective

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Kevin Jackson, a Black conservative talk show host and writer, has a strong opinion about why Donald Trump is succeeding. He believes Trump is engendering such fear and hatred among those who recognize the threat he presents to their monopoly on power that they are unable to clearly see why he is where he is at this late stage of the primary cycle.

Clearly even those who hate Trump the most see that he resonates with many Americans; but what they don’t get is why. They KNOW he is a racist so how can he be appealing to as much as 20% of African Americans? 

They KNOW Trump has no idea about foreign policy so they don’t understand how he garners majority support amongst thinking people.

They KNOW he hates Hispanics and embarrasses people with his talk of building a wall that Mexico will pay for, so the roughly 35% of Latino support he is getting puzzles them.

They KNOW Trump is an evil, slave-driving capitalist so they pity the foolish union workers who are rejecting their union boss’s calls for them to shut up and vote Democrat – it stupefies them.  

And this confusion is not limited to those in the Republican establishment. Democrats in the media don’t see the obvious answer either.

Trump haters are not able to pick up the pieces and rearrange them into a clear picture. If they were they would understand that it is a wide base built on diversity that is propelling Trump toward the Republican nomination.   

They are trying to constantly slam a round peg into a square hole and blaming geometry for their failures.

Their “investigations” start with a conclusion constructed out of their own prejudice toward Republicans in general and conservatives in particular so they never get to an honest end product.

The New York Times recently did a drop-in “inspection” of a Trump volunteer campaign worker and found nothing like they thought they would find. To its credit the Times posted the story.

It is not hard to imagine that the Times reporter believed he would find a bunch of White men with beer bellies and NRA hats talking in slight Southern drawls.

To the contrary, the workers manning the phones consisted of a Filipino immigrant, an American Indian, a Peruvian immigrant a Russian and a Mexican.  

There went the racist narrative. The number of females on hand took the stream out of the vicious War on Women lie.  

Tying the Trump hater’s racist-bigoted-anti-Hispanic lie in a nice neat box, the Times found Mireya Linsky a Cuban – born Jewish woman who said “I think we’ve come to the conclusion that our country is falling apart and we have to take care of it.”

Kevin Jackson, the Black man and Trump supporter is right: The diversity of Trump’s base is what they don’t want to get and won’t get until it is too late for them to do anything but watch.  


  1. What they also don't get is why of the thousands of employees that Trump has had, including hundreds of senior people, many of them women, not a single one has come forward to say anything negative about him. You can bet your bottom dollar that the DNC the RNC, the press and all of the Trump haters have been out there trying to find the employees and ex-employees that would bad mouth Trump. They have failed. That says something.

  2. @Disturber--Of course it's possible that such anti-Trump people have been found and are being saved until October. Not that Hillary, Karl Rove or the mainstream media would do anything so underhanded.