Thursday, April 7, 2016

Why do we detest the Republican establishment so much? This story is a good answer

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

When Justice Antonin Scalia died we mourned a great Jurist who believed in the Constitution’s ability to protect our rights and way of life.  
When the days of mourning passed we realized we are in grave danger of losing our liberties because Barack Obama could replace Scalia with someone who hates the Constitution and would take our rights away. Enter Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland.

Although Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says there will be no hearing to fill the Court’s vacancy, Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer has expressed his total confidence that ultimately McConnell and his caucus will give in and confirm Garland.  Who can argue with Schumer’s logic; after all, the Republicans cave in on everything!   Schumer knows his enemies and so do we.

Maine Senator Susan Collins, a reliable voter for the Democrats, has now joined Republican Senator John Boozman of Arkansas in agreeing to meet with Garland.

With elections coming in November, we can only watch and wait for more Republicans to agree to trade their vote to confirm Garland for a puff piece article in the media. This is what is important to the Republican establishment, nice articles from a media that actually hates them. 

We are not important; they stab us in the back. 

No one who follows the workings of either Party can be confident the knives aren’t aimed at our back. The Democrats do what Democrats do – they hate the Constitution, but make no pretense. The Republicans are sneaky and will lie to our face.

Collins has said Garland is “straight forward and ought to be given a hearing.” That is the start of the cave.  

Here’s who Garland is and who Collins thinks should be moved one step closer to being able to destroy our lives. Merrick Garland is Clintonite who will be a rubber stamp 5th vote for the liberal side of every case brought before the Court.

Yet far worse than this, Garland will join an already compliant John Roberts who votes as he is told by those who threaten to expose his personal secrets. To Roberts’ “Ying,” Garland would make a perfect final “Yang” in the plan to destroy our nation. 

This is why we detest the Republican establishment.       

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