Sunday, April 17, 2016

When watching Trump on TV and praying for him isn’t enough try this

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

If you want Donald Trump to win the Republican nomination and win in November, merely sitting around hoping and praying is not enough.  Nevertheless, Trump is self-funded so he doesn’t need our money. He has no direct ties to any outside PACs so we can’t confidently contribute to any such group either. What to do to help Trump to victory becomes a real question.

In 2010 in Staten Island a group of volunteers working to take back a Congressional seat from a Democrat incumbent decided that walking door to door was a waste of time and energy.  We found that dodging dogs, finding no one home in the day time and knocking only between 7PM and 9PM preaching to the choir produced little for our effort.  

Door to door campaigning sounds great and makes the worker feel good but even at 25 houses an hour its yield is pitifully low.
We decided on a much more direct approach. We would stand on street corners at the busiest intersections in the conservative half of the island to send a direct message using hand held signs.

Just two workers holding up signs promoting our candidate, at a particular corner, showed our message to the occupants of over 900 vehicles each hour. From 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM over 1800 cars passed us.

We used readily available 2’ X 4’ corrugated plastic panels and wrote our message on both sides.

If you are in New York State, make a sign saying “TRUMP OR THEY’LL GIVE US ROMNEY” and go to the busiest intersection of your town with it. You will be surprised how many people drive by and get the message.

Create your own buzz. Bring friends and have all of them hold signs – the more the better.  

It's simple and fun; and when they honk back you know they will go home and tell family and friends what they saw.

You can help Trump to a big win in your state with just this simple way of reaching people.

BTW we beat the Democrat in spite of being out spent 5 to 1 and having almost no TV ads or endorsements. 

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