Wednesday, April 20, 2016

We Will Never Forget Benghazi

By John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

In a recent Democrat debate, Hillary Clinton lied about the death of Sean Smith and about a video being the cause. She claimed it was the “fog of war” that made many different scenarios possible. I watched as the bodies of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith and CIA contractors Ty Woods and Glen Doherty were brought back to the United States, their flag draped coffins set in places of honor. Front and center were our President and Muslim in Chief, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton acting the part of Secretary of State and others who also share the genuine compassion of a Muslim terrorist. They proceeded to talk with the families about the terrible Innocence of Muslims video, ostensibly responsible for the death of their loved ones.

By blaming the video, Barack & Co. were hoping to deflect all responsibility from the administration for what had happened to our Ambassador and the others. The hearings held to depose Hillary were a sham, even reported as a win for Hillary. The national media and the Democrat Party treated the deaths like a political game, dismissing the sacrifice those four men were forced to make thanks to the political gamesmanship of Barack Hussein and Hillary Clinton. Two days before the Benghazi hearings involving Hillary Clinton, the State Department sent to lawmakers the results of a search of Ambassador Stevens emails. As early as July 9, 2012, Ambassador Stevens was begging for more security, a plea that Hillary claims she was unaware of and about which she had therefore made no decisions.

During the hearings, the House committee produced an email in which Hillary admitted to her daughter that Benghazi was indeed a terror attack. Of course, she feigned great sympathy for the families of the dead.

In the year leading up to the Benghazi attacks there were almost 250 security incidents involving terror groups in Libya. Yet rather than send more security where it was needed, to the compound in Benghazi, the State Department reinforced the airport in Tripoli.

Obama will never set the record straight, he was early to bed that night. I suppose he felt the campaign stop in Las Vegas was more important that assisting in the protection of four American patriots. Perhaps Obama, Hillary and confederates like Susan Rice believed it would all blow over; become a non-event. But the deceit they showed on that Tuesday and leading up to the following Sunday, when Rice appeared on five network news programs to blame the Benghazi deaths on the Innocence of Muslims video, is something that true Americans will never forget or forgive. It was Susan Rhodes and the man suspected of writing the video talking points, Ben Rhodes who have provided access to new information that may reveal the answers that America needs.  

Within two hours of the events in Benghazi, State Department emails show that Clinton and the Obama Regime knew this was a terrorist attack. Later on, the embassy warned against using the video defense because they knew it was a lie as well.

Assistance was not offered by the U.S. military, the administration later claiming that there was not enough time for support troops to get there. Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta have both stated that help could not have been provided in time to do any good.  But it has since been learned, through the tireless work of Judicial Watch, that the Pentagon had sent an urgent message to Secretary of State Clinton, a message making it clear that military help could have been provided in Benghazi. In part, the Email said:

“I just tried to reach you but you were all with the Secretary of State. After consulting with General Dempsey, General Ham and the Joint Staff, we have identified the forces that could move to Benghazi. “

This email was sent to Leon Panetta by his chief of staff Jeremy Bash. It was sent at 7:19 ET of September 11, 2012, after the first wave of attacks in Benghazi, but well before the second.

Fast response teams known among the Special Operations command as “CIF” or “Commander In Extremis force” were available. They are well equipped and trained for incidents such as Benghazi. There had also been a drone over the compound in Benghazi for weeks. It would have been capable of providing the CIF at least some information concerning conditions on the ground. Panetta claimed that American forces were not sent to assist in Benghazi because necessary information was not available to them. Yet Special Operations go into situations with far less information than that which was available from Benghazi.

Hillary later claimed that a captured terrorist had maintained that the attack was in response to the Innocence of Muslims video. Who is he? What did he say? Why not make the video of his interrogation available to the public?

Once again, the State Department released more pertinent documents after they were revealed in another court case. On Super Tuesday, when everyone’s attention was focused on the primaries, a document dump was made in the hope that released email information would be lost in the election news cycle.  Of course there is still no confidence that the State Department is not hiding even more information which will undoubtedly be destroyed before the next president takes office.

Additional questions have arisen over the removal of an anti-terrorism Special Forces team that was tasked with protecting Ambassador Stevens, one month before the attacks on Benghazi. The team was removed in spite of repeated requests for more security and the danger of terrorist attacks. Col. Andrew Wood who was in command of the team claims it was removed from Libya by President Obama. This was the group being readied to go to Libya by Jeremy Bash in the email discussed above. The team was on the plane, loaded up and on the way to Benghazi before being ordered to turn back. They turned back because to cross the border required approval from President Obama. No one at this time has ever received a straight answer about where Obama was and why the approval was not given.

Hillary claims that families of the Benghazi dead are lying when they say they were told that the attacks were caused by the Innocence of Muslims video. Her minions go forth and say the families only want attention. But the family members know what was said and what they heard. Members of the nation’s intelligence agencies know the Benghazi attacks were not started by a video. They were acts of terrorism. But the way the situation was handled, the incompetence shown by the administration from Obama to the State Department, ending in the lies perpetrated by the media; these are perhaps more despicable than the actions of the terrorists.  We have true American patriots working overseas in positions of great danger who now may reasonably question the resolve of our country to protect them.

Hillary has blood on her hands, yet believes she deserves to be our next President!  Lord help us if she should succeed.

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  1. Thank you for NEVER 4getting Benghazi and the heroes, unmercifully Obandoned! #lies4Electioin Typo alert>>"t was Susan Rhodes and the man suspected of writing the video talking points, Ben Rhodes"