Monday, April 25, 2016

The RNC got what it wanted and is saying, “Way to go Terry!”

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The Republican National Committee (RNC) got the dividend it was hoping for this past week when a criminal gave other criminals the right to vote in Virginia.  Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a man involved in so many crooked deals he can rightfully be called a “not yet convicted felon,” has given other felons in Virginia the right to vote.
Terry McAuliffe

Using a Barack Obama stunt, Virginia’s Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe issued an “executive order” giving the dregs of society – murderers, rapists, arsonists and robbers who have finished their sentences and parole/probation requirements--the right to vote.  In a blah blah blah statement explaining his action McAuliffe said, "Too often in both our distant and recent history, politicians have used their authority to restrict people's ability to participate in our democracy. Today we are reversing that disturbing [practice]."

With this step McAuliffe acted totally in the character of Democrats as his supporters at the RNC knew he would. Both they and their Democrat pals well understand that Democrat political positions hold no appeal for actual Americans who pay the taxes Democrats use to buy votes.

Contrary to the breathless survey reports screaming, “Hillary Clinton easily beats Donald trump,” which McAuliffe knows are fiction, the Virginia governor is doing everything he can to deliver Virginia to Clinton next November. McAuliffe is a long time member of the Clinton Crime family and is looking forward to filling a position in another Clinton Administration.
Ken Cuccinelli

The RNC insured McAuliffe’s victory over Republican conservative Ken Cuccinelli because they hate conservatives. They much prefer a crooked Democrat they can scheme with as Governor of Virginia than a conservative who would buck their underhanded plots.

The RNC, which deliberately underfunded Cuccinelli, is directly responsible for McAuliffe’s win and the consequences of a conservative loss in that election. And this is the type of result the RNC wanted. “Anybody but a conservative!” they said. And that is what they got. Now they can smile and say, “Way to go Terry!” 

Virginia's newest voters
Studies show 87% of felons vote Democrat so the RNC is laughing down their sleeves saying “Let’s see if Trump can overcome this and win Virginia!”

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