Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The GOPe’s dreaded, “100 days of attacks on Trump” are boosting him and sinking Cruz

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

A few weeks back, with thinly disguised excitement, Rush Limbaugh told us the Republican Establishment was going to start an “All out 100 days of steady attacks” against Donald Trump. Oh they are going to “throw everything plus the kitchen sink at Trump” and finally destroy him, we were told in ominous tones.

Listening to this “friendly warning” directed at those of us who are Trump supporters was difficult; not because we believed Trump’s “conservative” enemies could actually hurt him, but because it was clear that Limbaugh really believed they could. He was pouring his credibility into the gutter to support a candidate who can’t get Republicans to vote for him and has therefore fallen back on lawyerly tricks to steal delegates.

Worse still, during the first week of the dreaded 100 days of attacks Limbaugh repeatedly told us that Ted Cruz’s “big Wisconsin victory” had given him momentum.  Limbaugh then began making up numbers, telling us that Cruz had now “won” a series of primaries. It was sad to listen.

During week two of the dreaded 100 days of attacks on Trump, after the Colorado Disaster, Limbaugh sank deeper and deeper as he spent hours lecturing us on how honest the Colorado primary was even without voters.

Then came Wyoming, a state owned by Dick Cheney, Mister Establishment himself. Again Cruz won a BIG voterless victory. We can expect more of the same from Limbaugh this week.

So what has the GOPe accomplished so far in its epic 100 days of attacks on Trump?

After stealing a few dozen delegates, Cruz has lost support across the entire country.

He is on the way to mathematical elimination in New York where he will probably finish 3rd and with no delegates.

In Pennsylvania, Maryland, Rhode Island, Connecticut and now California, Cruz has fallen and he can’t get up.

In a Reuters National survey of Republicans, Trump has gained 5.8% and Cruz has lost 5.5%.

In a new Economist poll, 61% say Trump inspires them and just 38% say Cruz inspires them.

Keep up the dreaded 100 days of attacks on Trump GOPe; and keep talking Rush; with enemies like you Trump hardly needs friends. 

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