Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The campaign speech Trump should make now that Cruz is eliminated

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

After his smashing victory in New York knocked Ted Cruz out of the race, Donald Trump is the only Republican candidate who can still get the 1,237 delegates needed to be nominated on the first ballot by the Republicans.

Getting brutally honest, this is what Trump should say at his next big rally.

“Thank you, thank you I love all of you people and I’m so grateful for your support. We are a movement – did you see that Time Magazine called us a movement?  And our movement is aimed at restoring America to her former greatness – making America great again.

“To do this we need to lock down the nomination so we can start beating Hillary Clinton like a lying old mule; but we can’t start yet until we nail down this nomination. How do we do this? You need to go out and vote; get all you friends and family to vote and remind those who want to vote for Ted Cruz or John Kasich that a vote for either of them is a vote for Mitt Romney. 

Although Romney is back to hiding now,   he’s still pulling the strings of the Republican Party establishment.  Romney wants them to do enough to deliver him a contested convention so he can run and lose again.

“The Republican establishment doesn’t want to win with Trump. No, they would rather lose than win with Trump and they’ve said so many times. So this race is now a contest between Trump the winner and Romney the loser. Isn’t the choice obvious folks?”

“Forget Cruz and forget Kasich, they are Romney’s errand boys and they stand in the way of our movement to make America great again. They are still in this race to protect the very bureaucrats who have given us the mess we are in now.

“So when you vote; when you look at the choices-regardless of what the Party says-remember that the races in the last primary month are truly only a choice between Trump the winner and Romney the loser.”

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