Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ted Cruz is now officially the GOPe’s Affirmative Action candidate

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

With his mathematical elimination from any chance of reaching 1237 delegates on his own merit, Ted Cruz seems poised to comfortably accept the largess of his masters at the GOPe and become their Affirmative Action candidate. Cruz is now a party of one in the GOPe’s protected class. He has sunk to using a Democrat trick to “cut the line” and push the qualified applicant aside.

Over the last thirty years many people who are not members of some protected minority group have felt the sting of Affirmative Action. This system is as pure an example of socialism as we can find in everyday life.  Under the Affirmative Action system, the accomplishments of more deserving people are cast aside so that the targeted prize will be handed to lower achieving members of protected minority groups.

Until now we didn’t see Affirmative Action in politics. Sure there is cheating but the cheating was always aimed at getting the “right” candidate 50% plus one of the votes. Until now, never before have we seen Affirmative Action grant benefits to candidates who failed at the polling place.

Nevertheless, this seems to mean little to the Republican establishment who have chosen Cruz as the first Affirmative Action awardee in American political history.

If they get their way winning primaries will mean nothing just as getting the higher grade on a test means nothing when Affirmative Action is applied.

As the old joke goes, “Now that we know what Ted Cruz is, all that is left to decide is his price.” Cruz can’t believe they will reward his disgraceful conduct with the actual presidential nomination; so what crumb they give him is the only unknown factor in this sad story.
That Ted Cruz, a man masquerading as a conservative, would stoop to being an Affirmative Action awardee is shocking. For those of us who disagree with him but always recognized his moral compass pointed in the right direction, it is a punch in the gut.  

Shame on you Senator.  

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