Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Survey of NYCPD officers shows New York City is in trouble. How much different is it in your city?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

New York City’s cops say the town is in trouble – big trouble.

The Patrolmen's Benevolent Association of the City of New York commissioned a survey of 6000 of its members and their opinions are sharply at odds with the rosy picture being projected by Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio.

In part its findings were, “The overall survey results show that members believe the relationship with the public and elected officials has worsened in the past few years, with a lack of support and respect for police officers the top reason cited. Members also expressed they personally feel 'less safe' while on duty and most agree that they are often reluctant to take police action for fear of lawsuits or complaints from the public.” 

The survey found:

 95% of members said New York City is on the wrong track.
 92% of PBA members say support for the police has decreased during the de Blasio administration compared to past administrations.
 96% of responses were unfavorable towards Mayor de Blasio, with 88% very unfavorable. Additionally, 96% disapprove of de Blasio's policing and public safety policies.

Police Commissioner [Bill] Bratton receives relatively high ratings. 64% of the respondents are favorable towards Commissioner Bratton and he also receives a 66% overall job approval rating.


95% of NYC PBA members say they personally feel "less safe" while on duty as a police officer, and the majority, 58%, feel "much less safe."
97% agree that police officers are reluctant to take action for fear of lawsuits or complaints by the public.
81% feel the new procedures and requirements related to the use of “stop, question and frisk” limit police officers' ability to safely and effectively make stops, when necessary.

If this is the way New York City’s cops feel it is a good bet that cops in all the big cities in the country have similar views and fears; and this is not a good situation.  

No matter where you live this is an important story and we haven’t heard much about it. We know why.  

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