Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Our Treasonous Secretary of State

By John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

John Kerry, our Secretary of State, has been talked about by three former Obama Secretaries of Defense who have expressed grave concerns about the lack of respect displayed by both Kerry and Obama for members of the American military.

And Kerry has expressed contempt for American men at arms on more than one occasion. During his run for President, it was Kerry who said young people needed to go to college or remain stupid and go into the military. Such are the views of the self-described “winter soldier;” the treacherous soldier that attempted to throw his brothers in arms under the bus after his return from VietNam. He declared his fellow soldiers were barbarians and claimed to have thrown the medals he had supposedly earned over the wall at the White House. Those of us who were in country at the time had heard of Kerry described as a medal chasing, self-promoting, hero wannabe of no real value to his unit. 
Kerry as Secretary of State

Of course Kerry has done quite well for himself. He married into a lot of money-twice-and is now Secretary of State for a President that also dislikes the military and the power that our armed forces represents. These are sentiments with which Kerry agrees whole-heartedly. How Republican senators ever voted to confirm John Kerry as Secretary of State is beyond me. Maybe we should ask John McCain.

Or maybe we should look today to Guatemala, where U.S. Ambassador Todd Robinson is recognized as the De facto President of the country. It is Robinson who recognizes as a human rights group the Marxist guerillas whose goal it is to overthrow the state.  These Marxist terrorists now hold sway over vast areas of rural Guatemala, having put an end to economic development projects as they keep the populace in poverty.

The Obama administration has directed Ambassador Robinson to give the backing of the United States to a known Marxist sympathizer in his run for Congress, intimidating the Guatemalan Congress into approving the candidate overwhelmingly. And the man in the Obama Regime who is directing the activities of Ambassador Robinson: Secretary of State John Kerry.
Kerry as Vietnam Traitor

Ambassador Robinson has stated that the sovereignty of Guatemala is last on his list of priorities. He has been shown to have given orders directly to the president of the Guatemalan Congress. Guatemalan Military officers who disagree with this American-directed debacle are being routinely rounded up and thrown in Jail. Of course, Obama has done much the same here to high ranking members of the United States military who disagree with him, though he has yet to throw any of them in jail.

And now we’re told that Kerry is going back to Vietnam where he will meet with  President Obama next month. The media will undoubtedly fawn over the heroic history of the prodigal son as he returns to the place of his "finest" moments. Kerry will once again play the role of reluctant warrior who exposed the atrocities committed by American troops, supposedly in the name of country and freedom.
Kerry's fellow "patriot" Hanoi Jane

Mr. Kerry, you were an ass then, you are an ass now. Those of us who did serve with distinction were well aware of those who wanted to make a name for themselves after sliding through doing as little as possible. I for one will ignore your trip the same way I ignored you that day many years ago when you called our comrades in arms despicable things for the whole world to see. 

You do not deserve to be called Secretary of State and certainly not an American patriot.  

Those of us who recognize you for what you are will take any claims you make during the Vietnam trip for what they are worth. Nothing.

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