Tuesday, April 5, 2016

New McLaughlin poll shows Trump is winning battle for women against Clinton

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

While all the talk of Donald Trump losing support among women is the stuff that makes the RNC all warm and fuzzy so they can push their narrative that Trump can’t beat Hillary Clinton, the truth as reported in a new survey commissioned by National Review shows that women don’t support her either, but when pressed to choose between them, support Trump 39/36%.

According to a newly released McLaughlin and McLaughlin survey, Hillary Clinton’s unfavorable ratings among women are in “Trump territory.” Trump’s reported unfavorable ratings among women are at 68% but Clinton’s are at 58%!

The difference between the levels of bad news for each candidate is that in Trump’s case there is no proven history of problems with women which presents an opportunity for him to clear the air and reduce the damage. Clinton’s problem likely goes back thirty years to the way Hillary allowed herself to be trampled under by an endless stream of embarrassing episodes involving her sexually perverted husband Bill Clinton. The victims of his sexual attacks are still around and very willing to describe their ordeals in front of cameras.  

But Clinton’s problems with women might also be traced to her terrible handling of the murders of four Americans in Benghazi and her subsequent labeling of the families of the dead as liars.

Among women saying they are “undecided” between Trump and Clinton just 6% like her and 82% disapprove of her. “Among all voters, three in ten, 30 percent, are unfavorable to both Clinton and Trump. Among these who are unfavorable to both, 60 percent are women. They'd vote for Trump 39 percent to 33 percent,” the report says.

These are the favorable/unfavorable numbers from several groups of women:  
East: 39/53
Midwest: 36/62
South: 36/60
West: 38/54
Republican women: 9/90
Hispanics: 41/56
Under 55 years old: 37/58
Over 55 years old: 37/60   

In fact there are very few exceptions to the rule that women don’t like Clinton and those groups are small and in statistically significant.

Other groups who don’t like Clinton and their level of dislike are as follows:
Under $60K household income -56%
Over $60k household income- 61%
Self- employed – 69%

Even among unemployed women 46% don’t like Hillary.

That should give the GOPe a headache. 


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