Wednesday, April 27, 2016

It’s time for Cruz and Kasich to call it a day and let Trump go after Clinton

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

If they truly believe beating Hillary Clinton is the real goal for Republicans, Ted Cruz and John Kasich have to suspend their campaigns and go home. The voters have spoken and rejected them.  

For months many honest-and some not so honest-people backed the candidacy of Texas Senator Ted Cruz in the Republican primaries. They stood by Cruz as the façade of his “impeccable” conservative credentials crumbled when even mildly questioned. They were with him when he acted in a very un-conservative manner in Iowa.  They defended him as he built his campaign war chest with shady arrangements with Citi Bank.

They “explained away” his trip to New York City to gather donations from wealthy homosexuals who support Gay “marriage” while courting Evangelical Christians and rejecting same sex unions. All the while Cruz kept losing and falling further behind Donald Trump.

Nevertheless, these things could have been overcome had he not gone “full lawyer” on us by accepting his faux victory in Colorado then doubling down on it by bragging about his prowess as a political player. He might also have survived and avoided the complete beat down he got last night at the hands of Donald Trump had he not made moves like bringing Neil Bush on board as his campaign finance chief. He didn’t and so it’s time to throw in the towel.

Now his only chance to reclaim some of the popularity he enjoyed last spring is to suspend his campaign and allow Trump, the winner of the primary process, a clear path in his campaign against Hillary Clinton.

So too should the very delusional Ohio Governor John Kasich who was finished on the day he announced. No one wants him.  

Sure he won Ohio, but that is his home state. He has won nothing else and only finishes second lately because someone has to, given that Trump will always finish first and Cruz has imploded so thoroughly.

It is now time for Governor Kasich and Senator Cruz to suspend their campaigns and go back to serving the people of their states. That is how they can best serve the conservative cause.         

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