Saturday, April 9, 2016

In case you thought you are the only one who hates Paul Ryan

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Paul Ryan is a despicable worm and that is the best I can say about him. I tweet him calling him Paulie and telling him off almost every day. Recently I went to Ryan’s twitter account to see if others shared my low opinion of him. He had tweeted: 

“Protecting middle-class families & small businesses from government overreach is our priority.”

Starting with mine, here are some of the tweets the little twerp got after sending this one out.  

Paulie if you really thought this and wanted 2 help us U would never have given Schumer "more than he asked 4" as he put itt activity


oh really??? When, where, how, . . show me please, I don't see it!Retweet

+Government overreach is when you mandate my uterus...

Is it overreach 4 my son 2 receive Medicaid Waiver 4 devDelay/Autism? If not, y do u nt to take it away? #Heartless

Who is protecting the middle class from you lousy trade deals and mass immigration that lowers wages?? 

and u gave Obama the money he asked for!! u are weak, won't fight for ppl!!!

yet you fund Obama's agenda. Full-stop. 

Ryan, why didn't u protect middle-class families, from Congress arrogance 2 not allow them 2 rebuild our infrastructure?

.since when? yoiu #GOPLosers aren't for the little guy, you're in it for YOURSELVES & the other rich #GOPLosers like you!


Shouldn't the priority be protecting families and small businesses from biased financial advice?e

You have screwed the middle class every chance you get #GOPLIES

so why you are not doing anything about it. Why u are not fighting Obama like you are fighting Trump. Talk with no action. Sad little late for that one, aren't you?

WHAT?! Your Twitterbot is just spitting out jumbles of meaningless catchwords

So when are you going to start doing something about it. Ever get out an look?

quit tweeting what you're going to do and start tweeting what you did

I agree, but what about overreach and abuse from private sector? Abusive power comes in many forms

hence the reason you're in favor of discrimination laws that are disguised as religious liberty laws?et 

YOU HAD LAST 4 YRS...WHY all a sudden you working on what needed to be done last 8 yrs even??  

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