Friday, April 8, 2016

If the RNC thinks it can win a game of “chicken” against Trump supporters it had better think again

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

In 2012 the GOPe gave us the architect of Obamacare Mitt Romney a crash dummy we had to hold our nose to vote for. An estimated 3.5 million potential conservative voters stayed home and another 17% of those who did show up actually voted for Obama.

Shortly after the 2012 disaster an analysis of the voting patterns in four states was conducted. The resultant data are facts the GOPe would just as soon we didn’t remember.  

It found that with a total number of just 333,908 switches in votes in New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio and Virginia, Romney would have gained 64 Electoral College votes and beaten Barack Obama 270 to 268.  But of course that was never going to happen because Romney was a decidedly poor candidate who inspired people to do the previously unthinkable and stay home, even knowing it would reelect Obama.   

Romney’s campaign inspired no one.

Voter turnout fell by 9 million and Romney got 1.3 million fewer votes than McCain. Romney got 81,000 fewer votes in Ohio than McCain did in 2008.

Romney lost the most winnable election for president since Ronald Reagan’s 1984 landslide.

This year we have seen the rise of Donald Trump who is the total opposite of Romney. Everywhere Trump goes he generates excitement and as reported by a recent Gallup survey, enthusiasm among Trump’s supporters is at an “extraordinarily high” rate of 65%. That’s a number that caused Gallup to warn the GOPe that should Trump be denied the Republican nomination, it could be a problem for them in November.

What Gallup was tiptoeing around is that should Trump win 1,237 delegates and be denied the nomination, a portion of his supporters might stay home on Election Day.   

If the Republican establishment thinks Trump supporters won’t stay home and they can force another sure loser on us, they are playing a very dangerous game of chicken which will have disastrous consequences in November.  

It won’t take many staying home to change the outcome of the election and hand victory to a felon or a Communist.


  1. They're fine with Hillary.

    What they're not fine with is somebody who isn't a member of the club.

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