Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Here are a few questions for those who believe Trump will lose to Clinton

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

If you are so convinced that Donald Trump will lose to Hillary Clinton in November and in doing so, pull down the whole Republican Party, here are a few questions to consider.  

“If he were to gain the nomination, which single state (I’ll make it easy) would Ted Cruz win that Mitt Romney did not win?”

“Do you think that Donald Trump would roll over for Hillary Clinton without hitting her over and over again on the numerous crimes she has committed and vulnerabilities she has?” “You know, like McCain and Romney did for Obama.” 

“Do you imagine this would be like a typical presidential election where the media and its 6% trust factor would be able to give Trump THE TREATMENT they give to every Republican at every level?”

“Do you deny that Trump will get 20% of Blacks to vote for him as indicated in every smothered poll since last Labor Day’s USAToday poll?” “That fact isn’t even challenged.”

“Do you really believe that Hillary Clinton would not have to fight for New York and thus waste time and money no Democrat has had to since 1988?”

“Do you think that Republican turnout being +30% and Democrat turnout being -30% are meaningless statistics?”

“Do you understand that Gallup recently measured Trump supporters’ enthusiasm at what they described as an 
 'Extraordinarily high' 65% and warned it is so high that failing to give Trump the nomination would be “an impediment in November?”

“What do you think will be the result of Trump campaigning with Pat Smith then bringing up Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick?”

“Do you think Trump hasn’t already neutered Bill Clinton and chased him off the field?”

“Do you think that when FBI Director Comey “clears” Clinton, Trump won’t successfully indict her and convict her in the court of public opinion?”
“Do you really believe Trump couldn’t bring in a BILLION dollars for Republican candidates around the country?” 

“Have you any idea of the level of anger at the Obama Administration and what that will do to Clinton when Trump paints her as running for the third term of Barack Obama?”

1 comment:

  1. Let's see! Ted Cruz would not win NY, Con, the northeast and generally the states Romney lost, and neither will Trump! Trump will probable lose New Mexico! Game over!
    Hispanics 80% unfavorable, highest ever!
    Northeast republican turnout lowest in recent history! Probably doesn't matter as the northeast is Hillary's, she does have to concern herself about it!
    We will have two candidates with the worst negatives in american history running against each other, the proverbial race to the bottom of the crook pile, this is what happens when you let the state educate your children and the reason successful people put their children in private school! Dummies on parade, GO TRUMP!!!