Thursday, April 28, 2016

GOPe and Cruz threats to our dreams of freedom generate fear which can be a great motivator

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Fear is a great motivator. Fear will make us do things we never thought we were capable of and drive us to success in sometimes impossible situations.

Fear is a very effective agent for overcoming complacency. Fear has driven Donald Trump’s supporters to the polls in numbers not seen before. And fear will generate a tsunami of votes that will crush Hillary Clinton next November.

We are afraid of many things but mostly another four years of gangsters running our lives from Washington. We fear that Hillary Clinton would govern just like Barack Obama and maybe worse in some cases. We fear that if we let this chance that Trump is giving us slip away, we will quickly become another European socialist crap hole filled with lazy citizens and savage invaders no one has the spine to resist.

As educated people we fear that too many people have come to understand that they can steal what we have by voting for politicians of both Parties who will take from us to buy the votes of the lazy and greedy.

We fear the future of our children and grandchildren might be already irreparably damaged; but the one single chance we have to possibly reverse their broken dreams is being taken away by a Republican establishment that no longer even denies what they plan to do to us. Because of fear, all of these things are working for us. They are getting people to vote who never did before and getting people to once again believe we can save ourselves.

So keep threatening our dreams GOPe and Ted Cruz because you are keeping the fire of fear burning brightly.    

Vote and pray for our future friends and together we can end their tyranny and reclaim our lives. Let fear motivate you to act to save our country and move forward.

Fear can be a good thing.  

When you hear of some new scheme to steal delegates for Cruz who can’t win at the ballot box, don’t fight the fear; rather, let it energize you to get up and out into the streets to fight.

We are Americans and we have a right to stand tall and talk loud, damn it!

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