Thursday, April 14, 2016

Cruz’s elimination and the GOPe’s Colorado disaster give Trump a big boost

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Ted Cruz’s pending mathematical elimination and the Colorado Disaster are game changing events that put Donald Trump well on the road to winning the 1237 delegates he will need to win the Republican nomination.

New York’s primary will eliminate Cruz. His magic number to be eliminated is just 49. He’s not even campaigning in New York.

This is game changer number one. When Cruz is not only eliminated but blown away and humiliated in the most delegate rich, Northeastern state, how will the GOPe sell him to the remaining Republican primary states? Clearly they won’t be able to make the case for Cruz elsewhere because he will have proved he can’t win any more states than Romney did.  How does Cruz campaign in the remaining states? Who would listen to him?  

When voters are given the choice between voting for Trump and voting to have a contested convention in which the GOP establishment will select MITTBUSHJEBDOLEPAULMCCAIN or another proven loser, they will vote for Trump.  

The second game changer is the Disaster in Colorado. It makes no difference that Cruz and the Colorado GOPe followed their rules. In politics, perception is reality. In Colorado where the ballot was missing a Trump delegate’s box; where the #NeverTrump people tweeted out “We did it” (then lied about being hacked); and where the head GOPe thug in Colorado said, “Let them burn the Party down” the damage to the anti-Trump forces is huge.

Colorado is the “bloody shirt” which Trump supporters see as validating every suspicion they have about the crooked Republican establishment.   
When the race swings to Oregon, Washington and California the “sick and tired of losing” phenomena will kick in and Trump support will skyrocket. On average they voted 41% for Romney even knowing he had lost.

Those voters are hungry for a winner. All three states are run by Democrats concentrated in a few nests here and there. These two factors will fan their enthusiasm and carry Trump to the 1237.

The Colorado Disaster will rock Nebraska as well. It is a neighboring state to Colorado; and it is hard to see how a closed (Republican only primary) held a month from now will result in a Cruz victory after he has been eliminated. Ben Sasse will get a little chin music.      


  1. Yup. This dirtbag sasse needs a reality check.

  2. The GOPe will nominate Kasich/Ryno.

    You heard it here first.