Monday, April 18, 2016

Cruz cheerleaders grabbing at straws now deconstruct California poll two months away

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The holdouts at Fort Cruz are beginning to understand the grave situation their candidate is in. The Colorado Disaster has taken its toll on Ted Cruz and it is showing in all of the new polls.

In New York, Cruz’s numbers show he will be mathematically eliminated from any chance of reaching the 1,237 delegates that would give him the nomination in Cleveland this summer. On top of that, given his very poor showing so far, Cruz is on the brink of finishing 3rd behind John Kasich who has already been mathematically eliminated himself.

In Pennsylvania, Cruz is fading and is way behind. In Maryland and Rhode Island he is fading, as he is in Connecticut.  

In the latest Reuters National poll Trump is back up to a comfortable lead, watching his numbers go up 5.8% and Cruz’s numbers go down 5.5% meaning Trump picked up those who left Cruz.

So where do the Cruz holdouts turn for solace?, an unabashed Cruz cheerleading site, has decided the near term news for Cruz is so bleak it has focused on a YouGov poll of California’s Republican primary seven weeks away.

In deconstructing’s poll showing Cruz imploding to Trump 49/31, they point out that Yougov is almost always wrong. Fair enough.  

Nevertheless, the inescapable problem with the Redstate argument is that the YouGov poll was taken just this past week, right after the Colorado Disaster and its results are in line with all of the other polls taken from last Monday to last Friday.

When the GOPe in Colorado thumbed its nose at the Republican voters in their state, most observers--not on Cruz’s payroll either openly or otherwise--thought Cruz would suffer some damage as a blow back, but no one could have predicted what has happened so far.

There is an old expression used by Wall Street brokers that fits here, which holds: “The Bulls and The Bears make money but the Pigs make nothing.” The heavy handed approach to helping Cruz’s dying campaign is backfiring.

Republican voters are revolted by what happened in Colorado and just in case any of them forgot the Colorado Disaster, the GOPe did it again in the Dick Cheney-controlled State of Wyoming.     

Try again fellas.   

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