Saturday, April 9, 2016

CENTCOM Analysts Reportedly Removed Over Syria Warnings: The Politics of Analysts under Obama

By Jim Emerson, staff writer
Big Brother is alive and well and will remove from the playing field anyone who fails to follow accepted political policy. Obama doesn’t need to worry about negative stories if his followers can stop criticism by low level analysts and flush it down the memory hole.
The Daily Beast recently reported that U.S. Central Command forced two senior intelligence analysts out of their jobs because they told the truth about U.S. backed rebel groups in Syria. The analysts had expressed doubts about the rebel’s capability and commitment to U.S. objectives in the region. Their reports placed them at odds with command leadership which did not wish to pass negative news up the chain of command to Mr. Obama.  The analysts had predicted that the Administration’s so-called moderate Muslim opposition to ISIS would fail. And indeed, the $500 million program to train opposition fighters failed miserably. 
Yet in spite of the failure, the Pentagon insisted the operation was on track until Gen. Lloyd Austin of CENTCOM admitted that the program was a disaster. Under his command as many as 50 CENTCOM intelligence analysts stated that CENTCOM management was altering their reports on ISIS insurgents, making them appear less of a threat to the United States. The altered reports managed to paint a rosy picture of Barack’s campaign against the Islamic Caliphate.
The Pentagon inspector general and a congressional task force are currently investigating the allegations. Fearful that investigative reports would disappear down some memory hole, the analysts spoke out after Gen. Austin directed his subordinates to not retaliate against them.  The purpose of intelligence reports is to help U.S. officials, policymakers and battlefield commanders prepare combat operations against the enemy.  But intelligence reports are only useful if the end user is able to rely upon information as factual. If reports are filtered to meet a political agenda, people get killed. How many innocent people in Syria and Iraq died in the name of Barack Obama’s cult of personality?
It must be remembered that the analysts did not present their story to The Daily Beast as doing so would have been a violation of their non-disclosure agreements.  Unlike our political elites, they obeyed the law.

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