Thursday, March 31, 2016

Will Kasich and Cruz willingly play the GOPe’s “Golden Retriever” to help steal Trump’s nomination?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

In sports we use the “magic number” formula to describe a team’s chances to either clinch a pennant or be eliminated. Ted Cruz has a “magic” elimination number.  When either Donald Trump or John Kasich win a combination of 184 delegates, Cruz’s mathematical chance to win the nomination with 1,237 delegates is gone.  Since the number of available delegates left to be won is a zero sum game; every delegate not won by Cruz moves him closer to his “magic” number downward. 

Ted Cruz
Even if Cruz sweeps Wisconsin, which is not a sure thing because Trump is either leading or close, Cruz’s magic number will all but bottom out after the April 19th Northeast Super Tuesday which will put 267 delegates up for grabs.  Even if Kasich can cut into Trump’s Northeastern hold, it is all but impossible to make a case that Cruz wins enough delegates to hold off the crash of his magic number.  

John Kasich
John Kasich has no magic number. His campaign was over the day he announced.  Nevertheless, both can act as agents of Mitt Romney’s GOPe and continue to try to keep delegates out of Trump’s column.

After April 19th there will be only one reason to vote for either Cruz or Kasich and that will be to force a disastrous, contested convention in July. That would help only Mitt Romney or whomever he deigns to lay hands on to help him steal the nomination. The voters will recognize this because they are smarter than the “experts” think they are. In the remaining primaries, Trump will successfully frame the issue as Trump vs a Contested Convention.  For it’s a safe bet that such a convention will be manipulated by the GOPe to nominate another polite, PC loser like Romney. 
If he actively campaigns after he is eliminated, Cruz will play the part of Romney’s Golden Retriever, poised to scamper out into the swamp to scoop up the nomination, give it to Romney, take a treat and sit back down.

I don’t think that Ted Cruz will do this; but I think John Kasich would. The problem for both of them is that neither will be given the nomination he helps to steal. They will have to be content with a few treats.   


  1. You could ask the same question to the supporters of Cruz and Kasich. Or what about Mr "True Conservative" Levin, how long has this bastard been preaching to us? We'll know who he really is soon.

    1. @Carl Smith--Levin surprised the heck out of me when he began playing GOPe lap dog. He is one individual I believed would criticize the Republican establishment, not latch on to their every political whim.