Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Trump can take at least six states Romney lost and win in November

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Willard Romney lost in 2012 because he was a terrible candidate who, by Election Day, showed he would rather lose than appeal to conservatives. Romney won only the states he was supposed to win; nothing more. His attitude that “looking good but losing was better than appealing to conservatives” chased some 4 million conservative voters away. He followed George W. Bush’s stupid lead and did not fight back against Harry Reid’s lies about his failing to pay his taxes. Instead he allowed himself to be mocked and led around by the nose by Reid and the media over a totally manufactured “issue.”  Willard didn’t care because falling on his sword to deny conservatives a victory made him a hero to the Republican Establishment something far more valuable to him than what we think about him.

Now there is a movement to swing the political pendulum of the Republican Party to the right with Donald Trump and far to the right with Ted Cruz.  The question this time is how much conservatism is enough to bring back those that Willard chased away while not scaring off other, less conservative voters. The mantra that “Conservatism works every time it is tried” is simply wrong as evidenced by the failed campaigns of Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, Rob Astorino and Ken Cuccinelli. America is only a slightly right of center country. Hard right candidates can’t win the presidency.

Cruz is right to hard right. Trump is soft right to center. Cruz will not pick up any states Romney lost, but Trump might. That makes him the better choice.  Trump can win New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Nevada which would put him at 279 Electoral votes.  

There is no “pie in the sky” in this assessment. It doesn’t rely on Trump victories in California, Illinois, Massachusetts or Maryland. It makes the case that now is the time for an incremental victory because a Cruz victory at this point in our history is a “bridge too far” and another Democrat president will bring an end to our country.    

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