Thursday, March 24, 2016

Those who insist Trump can’t beat Clinton have to explain away her several serious problems

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

This is not a typical presidential cycle. The major Parties will likely offer us a choice between Donald Trump, a businessman who has never run before and Hillary Clinton who can accurately be described as the most flawed Democrat since George McGovern in 1972.

The specter of a Trump presidency is terrifying to both the Democrat and Republican establishments. They know that he will cancel many of their avenues of power. This has caused them to join in an all-out war against Trump. Nevertheless, it does not entitle them to anything more than their opinions and a few questionable “polls.”

Determining whether Trump can beat Hillary requires weighing many factors that are not being considered by those who are expressing an opinion at this early stage. In her quest for the White House, Clinton brings enough baggage to survive on a safari.

The issues she will have to explain away are unprecedented and very serious.

Hillary Clinton is the first major Party candidate who will be campaigning under threat of a possible federal felony indictment. Whether she is formally indicted or not will be immaterial; already nearly 60% of Americans don’t believe a thing she says.

Only 27% believe Clinton has been truthful about her culpability in the Benghazi attack; and 52% don’t believe her. Moreover, she has already made the fatal mistake of publicly calling the bereaved families liars.

Another 58% believe Hillary knowingly lied about her handling of sensitive Emails.

Add to this the target rich Bill Clinton’s history as a sexual predator and Hillary’s inability to reverse the steady decline of White male support of the Democrat Party and she has a bundle of serious problems to try to overcome.

Those who believe that Trump will not exploit these opportunities will be proved very wrong once the campaign comes down to just the two of them.

Trump will address crowds with Benghazi family members standing next to him. Those who think there is no political currency in this issue ignore how well the story fits with the general belief that Hillary is just another lying career politician. 

Trump will introduce female voters under 40 to the truth about Bill Clinton that has been covered up by the media and ignored by feckless Republicans; Trump won’t ignore these issues.

Whether the federal government indicts Clinton for the handling of her Emails or not, Trump will indict her in the court of public opinion and the predisposition to believe she is lying about everything will help him convict her.  

This is just some of what is in store for Clinton. Her high poll numbers ALWAYS come when she has been out of the public eye. For at least 5 months Trump has dominated every news report providing her with a low profile so her numbers are high. Trump will not allow her to keep that low profile. As Brent Bozell observed, “History shows us …. The more you see of Hillary Clinton… the less the public likes her.”

Trump will show America who Hillary Clinton really is.


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