Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The steady stream of bile and hatred toward Trump needs some perspective

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Unless you are a careful consumer of political news you might believe the torrent of hate filled stories directed toward Donald Trump. You might believe that 100% of women, 110% of minorities, 1000 % of the mom’s basement crowd and 1000% of the Republican Establishment will vote for Hillary Clinton over Trump.

Before going further it is worth noting that despite all of these groups being against him, Trump has won so many primaries and has so many delegates that he is the only one with a reasonable chance to get to the required 1237 delegates needed to secure the nomination. Cruz has to win 83% of the remaining delegates and has a “magic” number of just 173, meaning when 173 delegates have gone to either Trump or Kasich he is finished.

In a moment of accidental journalistic integrity, the LA Times decided to interview Trump supporters. Here’s a cross-section of the people they found.       

They found a lifelong California Democrat who will vote for Trump.

In Phoenix (Trump won the Arizona primary by over-shooting his poll numbers by 8 points) the Times author found Trump supporters who like Trump’s unpredictability which fits their hunger for an unconventional candidate.

He found others who are excited to hear a candidate talk about the real problems they deal with every day.

A waiter mentioned Trump’s trade policies as a sign that wages and his standard of living would improve.

Others talked about how Obamacare needs to be dismantled and see Trump as the man to do that.  

A California Democrat said he felt Trump’s comments about Mexico sending their criminals here illegally was “refreshingly honest” and he does not see this as an attack on all Latinos or all immigrants. He rejects the characterization of Trump as a racist.

He has not yet decided how to react to Trump’s attacks on Heidi Cruz and may still vote against Trump; but he sees Trump as less prone to go to war than other candidates.  

Another Californian said the attacks in Belgium make the case that only Trump can handle terrorism.  

A female small business owner who describes herself as a pro-choice, Catholic environmentalist and supporter of Gay marriage liked Trump from day one. She is tired of paying for freeloaders and rejects and being called a racist because she is against illegal immigration. These are the people who support Trump.

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