Monday, March 21, 2016

The numbing banality of Trump attackers says they are punching themselves out

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

A recent essay from yet another one of our “betters” explaining why “Trump bad; Anyone else good!” is how we should think about this election cycle reveals more about the author than he probably understands.

In a rambling stream-of-consciousness-like opening salvo he accuses Donald Trump of wanting bigger government and by logical conclusion, less freedom for individual Americans. In a condescending manner he then mildly protests, “…I also hope I have not denigrated Trump voters.”

Practicing a little “me too-ism” he says: “I’ve pointed to the immigration issue and the sense of loss of country. But it may be deeper than going to a level I / we can’t truly understand.”

The operative phrase here being, “I/we (who he means by “we” is not clear) can’t truly understand.”

What follows are quotes from White working-class Americans in North Carolina explaining why they support Trump.

“I live in Trump’s America, where working-class whites are dying from despair….”

“So if there are winners and losers in America, I know the losers. They lost jobs to China and Vietnam. And they’re dying younger, caught in an endless cycle of jail, drug charges and applying for disability to pay the child support bill.”

“My Republican friends are for Trump. My state representative is for Trump. People who haven’t voted in years are for Trump. He’ll win the primary here on March 15 and he will carry this county in the general.”

So far from reality is this latest, toothless attack on Trump that the author insists even Trump’s supporters “…realize he’s a joke. They do not care.” To this smug fool the realities of being poor and White in America are a joke.

Another Trump supporter said, “When you’re earning $32,000 a year and haven’t had a decent vacation in over a decade, it doesn’t matter who Trump appoints to the U.N., or if he poisons America’s standing in the world, you just want to win again, whoever the victim, whatever the price.

Almost swerving into the truth the author closes with, “Democrats for decades have been able to offer the welfare state as the solution. Trump offers an alternative, even if that alternative may be more hype than reality. Much of the manufacturing that has left is never coming back, no matter what.”

It’s hardly a surprise when the author prophesizes Trump will lose in November. There is no hope for people like this – none. We just have to step around them on our way to taking our lives and our nation back.

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