Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The facts are clear: There is no longer any rationale for a Cruz candidacy

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

After the disgraceful conduct of the Republican establishment over the past few weeks, it is clear that Ted Cruz has become a pawn in their scheme to hold on to power.

The feckless manner in which Willard Romney first endorsed Marco Rubio, then John Kasich and finally Ted Cruz shows that he and his co-conspirators have no core principles except gaining and holding onto power.  The “little people” believe this bunch of quislings actually care about winning elections, when in fact they don’t. After all, they have already said they would vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

The endorsement of Cruz by Lindsey Graham who openly detests him and has stated preservation of their Republican Party is the most important goal in this election – apparently even at the expense of our country--is as cynical as it gets. It makes it abundantly clear that Cruz is either a rube or a willing participant but either way he is not showing himself to be a “principled conservative.”

Having Jeb Bush call Cruz a “principled conservative” is a blatantly patronizing example of what these hypocrites really think about the Senator from Texas. They will say anything to get Cruz to be their errand boy and hang on long enough to give them a “plausible reason” to step in and “save the Republican Party” from George Will’s vulgar and unwashed mob candidate.

As things stand today, when Cruz loses another 173 delegates he will join the noxious liar John Kasich as merely a spoiler doing the bidding of those who have no intention of helping either one become the nominee.

Even if the Republican primary voters of Wisconsin are blind to the sham of a continued Cruz campaign, Trump will squeeze out enough votes on April’s Northeastern Super Tuesday to end the Texas senator’s chances before a quarter of the votes are counted.

So the questions now are: When will Cruz stop being used by the very establishment that hates him perhaps even more than it hates Trump? When does Cruz man-up and once again become the strong, principled conservative that filibustered his way into our hearts and gained our respect?

Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later.            

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