Monday, March 28, 2016

The Cuban Mistress Crisis: what are its short and long term effects?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins 

Like everyone who cares about the survival of America instead of the survival of the Republican Party and the jobs of a few hundred leeches in and around Washington, I carefully weigh each new bit of news regarding the candidates.

I am a Donald Trump supporter so I am concerned with what happens on the Republican side of the arena. The Democrat side has its own problems as they are running headlong toward nominating either a Communist or a Felon with an indictment hanging over her head.

The most important news this past week was the revelation that Ted Cruz has had at least five and may even eight mistresses during the recent past. After the initial explosion over this story, those who have supported Cruz have been largely silent and content to change the subject. Mark Levin-who very often tweets six times a day-was silent these past few days.  

Others who regularly tweet both famous and ordinary people have either withdrawn from the fight or turned on Cruz.  

The Washington Times reporter who publicly confirmed at least two of the affairs has been fired but still stands by his story.

It is fair to say a few things about what is being called the CUBAN MISTRESS CRISIS: It will not “just go away” as his supporters so fervently wish. I believe this will catapult Trump to a clear and convincing delegate win which he will ride into the White House. It will erode Cruz’s support and it will clearly help Trump who is already leading in delegates and in Wisconsin (Marquette poll 30/19 over Cruz) and new Zogby poll shows Trump leading 54/37 with rank and file Republicans.

The National Enquirer, which has a track record of being right about Gary Hart, Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson and John Edwards, has reiterated its position that everything they say is true. The Enquirer stands by its story.

Your move Mister Cruz.

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