Thursday, March 31, 2016

I would certainly support Ted Cruz if…

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

I wanted to support Ted Cruz as the Republican nominee for president from the start but more than a few “IFs” got in the way.

I would support Cruz if I could somehow “un-know” that he is a hypocrite who, while running to be the bishop of Iowa and Utah, has groveled before gay marriage supporting homosexuals in San Francisco and in “New York values” New York City.

I would support Cruz if I could just forget that he has been purchased by the “Wolves of Wall Street,” Goldman Sachs and Citibank, with big donations and questionable “loans.”

I would support Cruz if I could “un-hear” his voice as he shockingly supported the paid disrupters of Sanders and Soros when they used Hitler like tactics to stop Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago. I wish I had not heard Cruz speak in favor of illegal aliens waving Mexican flags and bragging about “shutting Trump down” but I did, so I can’t support Cruz.

I could support Cruz if I could only forget the dirty trick he pulled on Ben Carson in Iowa but I can’t, so I can’t.

If I could “un-know” that it was Jeff Roe, Cruz’s campaign manager, who requested the pictures of Trump’s wife from GQ, I could support Cruz, but I can’t, so I won’t.

If I wasn’t so painfully embarrassed for Cruz at his lame insistence that his CUBAN MISTRESS CRISIS is Trump’s doing and if I had actually heard Cruz deny the whole story, point by point, I could deny my doubts and support him, but I can’t so I can’t.

If someone could name a single state Cruz could win in a general election that Mitt Romney did not win, I could support him.

If someone could convince me that Cruz is not a tool of Mitt Romney, being used to bring about the theft of the nomination from Trump so that it can be given to a loser like Romney, I would support Cruz. But no one can, so I can’t.   


  1. OK vote for the Dumpster and elect Hillary in November. Accept the lies of Donald Dump, drink the Coolaid and elect Hillary. Well done Kevin.

  2. That Cruz guy obviously is not an idiot. It amazes me that he couldn't find a way to co-opt the Trump voters concerns.
    What gives?

  3. Cruz was very specific in his NY comments. He did not personally support same-sex marriage, but in any case it was not something the Federal government should be involved with. Any legal actions could only be at the State level. As we know, the majority of State referendums and constitutional votes were clearly against it.

    1. @Samuel Silver--What? Our DC politicos have ignored the entire Constitution for more than a century. Why would they suddenly begin to recognize the 10th Amendment!

  4. Because Cruz is the toughest constitutionalist available. I think he is the only one principled enough to push change.

  5. If Cruz cannot be the nominee, I hope he will negotiate for the Scalia seat on the Supreme Court, assuming a Republican wins. If Trump were the nominee, he could strengthen his support among conservatives and "classical liberals" with Cruz as his designated Supreme Court nominee.