Sunday, March 27, 2016

Here’s a quick and effective way to shut the Enquirer up: Sue them and kill them in discovery

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The story that has been posted by the National Enquirer about Ted Cruz and his ladies is false – complete garbage and a dastardly smear by Donald Trump. This has been the reaction from Ted Cruz and his supporters. Now the question becomes what Cruz should do about this terrible story describing his sexual dalliances with as many as five different women while he is married.

It would seem that Ted Cruz should take immediate action to stop any further publication of or emphasis place on this awful story.

Cruz should immediately strike back and sue the Enquirer then peel them like a grape in discovery. Cruz’s grounds are very solid so the Enquirer’s lawyers will certainly see this and immediately negotiate a quick settlement.   

Yes of course Cruz is a public figure and as such is not subject to being libeled or slandered as the rest of us are. But there exceptions to this rule. The laws say that since he is a public figure, Cruz can only fight back and bring a lawsuit if he believes he can prove he is an innocent victim of malicious intent on the part of the Enquirer.

Given Senator Cruz’s initial reaction, the elements of a case for making an exception to the public figure rule would seem to be present in this matter.

Because this story has been published (Cruz alleges it is totally false), it is clearly injurious to Cruz’s good name. And because unprivileged information was used, that is material not based on statements made by Cruz, he should be able to prevail in a lawsuit against the Enquirer.   

As a Harvard-educated lawyer, Cruz knows these things. All he has to do is sue. On the other hand if the story of five women in his bed is even only 20% true …. well let’s not go there, alright?  


  1. If Ted Cruz is innocent, the only way to prove it is to sue. It should have happened already because more info is coming in the next edition of National Enquirer. Just calling it garbage and lies will not cut it.

    1. @dezine0317--I've noticed a very interesting trend in the media; both FOX News and CNN have referred to the Enquirer story as a "smear" campaign, never mentioning mistresses at all. In short, they seem to be defending Cruz! How often has the mainstream media protected Republicans from damaging stories?

      Why are they doing this? Is it possible that the idea of a Trump White House frightens the liberal media just as much as it does members of the Republican/Democrat Uniparty?