Friday, March 25, 2016

Cruz has been “gut shot” by mistresses story in the National Enquirer

By Kevin “Coach” Collins
A story in the current issue of the National Enquirer provides some devastating revelations about the private life of Senator Ted Cruz, the Texas Republican who is the last viable opponent to Donald Trump. Both men have been locked in an increasingly bitter and nasty contest to win the Republican nomination for President. Today that battle has taken a sharp turn into the world of all out scorched earth.

The National Enquirer has a checked past and has always been looked down upon by the so-called “real” media which maintains it never lies. The “real” media laughed at the Enquirer when the super-market tabloid broke the story of Democrat presidential contender Senator John Edwards of North Carolina having a love child with a woman he was keeping behind his dying wife’s back.

The “real’ media kept laughing and lying for Edwards until his little girl was literally old enough to walk with her father holding her hand. When the roof finally collapsed on Edwards’ private life – he was long finished as a presidential contender.
Now the same National Enquirer has a copyrighted story about Ted Cruz having no less than five mistresses who have been servicing him behind his wife’s back.    
The National Enquirer does its home work. They don’t run stories unless they are sure they have the truth. They use private detectives to follow their targets and get the truth.
One of the women is reportedly a hooker who sells herself in the Washington DC area so she might have more to tell.
At this point this story has Cruz “gut shot” as they said in the Civil War. “Gut shot” means you will die soon.    
If all of this is true, Ted Cruz has betrayed millions of people. He has taken advantage of religious fervor that sometimes blinds us to the faults of those we so much want to succeed.
Read the National Enquirer story in its entirety and decide for yourself whether Ted Cruz is the man you thought he was. If you do, keep in mind that at this point another candidate is whispered about as being the tipster and it is NOT DONALD TRUMP.


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