Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Clinton era is over

The following article appeared on the American Thinker on November 18th

Among his many lies, Bill Clinton said in the State of the Union speech on January 23, 1996 that "the era of big government is over."

To paraphrase Bill Clinton, the era of Clinton is over.  Now it is time for the Clintons to pay up.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have dodged numerous investigations.  They have emerged wealthy and the darlings of the Democratic Party, Hollywood, and the mainstream media. 
Come to Mama

But it seems the party is over for Bubba and Crooked Hillary.  Hillary was defeated in 2016 by President Trump.  Hillary is now wandering across the country peddling her book, What Happened, when the answer is clear.  She lost.

Donna Brazile started the party by confirming that Hillary manipulated the DNC and primary system to beat the hapless Bernie Sanders.

But the most important and significant attack on the Clinton legacy is N.Y. senator Kirsten Gillibrand's statement that Bill Clinton should have resigned from the presidency because of his sexual misconduct.

All of us deplorables who cling to God and guns and are members of the vast right-wing conspiracy called for Clinton's resignation, but we were dismissed by the Ruling Class.  Now a smart politician like Gillibrand has started her bid for the 2020 Democratic Party presidential nomination by attacking Clinton.  It is now politically safe to attack the Clintons. 

Clinton, aside from failing to respond to the radical Muslim attacks on us such as the World Trade Center in 1993, USS Cole, Khobar Towers, embassy attacks in Kenya and Tanzania, Mogadishu, and others, should have resigned because of the rape of Juanita Broaddrick, the sexual assault on Kathleen Willey in the White House, the sexual harassment and assault on Paula Jones while governor, and the abuse of a young intern named Monica Lewinsky in the White House.  The mainstream media and paid attack dogs like Carville and Begala, led by mastermind Hillary, covered, enabled, and lied for Bill's sexual assaults.

The most serious charge is the rape of Juanita Broaddrick.  Rape is a felony.  Prison time.  In addition, Hillary, according to Ms. Broaddrick, threatened her to be quiet about the rape.

See the open letter from Juanita Broaddrick to Hillary Clinton, dated October 15, 2000.
Watch your butt, Barry
While the Clintons are now being re-examined in the court of public opinion, the rape described by Ms. Broaddrick deserves more than comments by politicians such as Gillibrand and journalists who once supported the Clintons but now find it expedient to attack them.

The Clintons are wealthy, with the book deals, selling pardons, Moscow speeches, and the money from the sale of 20% or our uranium.  It is time to for them to compensate Ms. Broaddrick. 

OK with US, Hillary!
Bill and Hillary said the rape charge is a lie.

Man up, Bill and Hillary.  Admit the rape and pay up, or waive the statute of limitations and have a trial.  Time to come clean.

Ed. The Clinton Era is Over? From your pen to God’s ears, author Marsolo!

If Sessions should decide to launch a REAL investigation, it will be interesting to discover how much evidence actually remains after the frenzied months/years of pitch and toss Hillary and friends have undoubtedly been engaged in. And should things look bleak to the point of desperation, i.e. jail time (and I don’t for a minute believe that to be in the cards); how many deals would Bill and Hillary make; how many “friends and associates” would they eagerly throw under the world’s largest bus in order to save their own skin?

Man, wouldn’t it all be fun to watch!

Democrat steals from charity, then pleads for mercy

The following article appeared on the American Thinker on November 18th

In a pathetic bid to escape accountability, Rep. Corrine Brown, a Florida Democrat thrown out of office in last year's primary after she was charged with corruption, pleaded for mercy from a court sentencing her after her conviction, suggesting she was so good that she never thought she'd need to:

"I am sorry you have to be here today to see me in this situation," Brown said in her statement to the court. "I never imagined I would one day be in court asking people to speak on my behalf – never."

It goes to show how inured she was to the idea of stealing as wrong, or why lining her pockets with the proceeds from a fake charity bothered her so little. 
Corrine Brown
Now facing as much as nine years in prison, Brown had a lot of people coming forward and speaking up on her behalf, seeking leniency in sentencing:

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee provided a glowing character witness of Corrine Brown during her sentencing hearing Thursday.

Jackson Lee described via telephone testimony it as her "privilege" to characterize Corrine Brown as a "loving person."

She said Brown has had a "pointed and direct effort [in] helping others, not herself."

The veterans' community loved Congresswoman Brown, Jackson Lee said, stating that Brown has helped those with PTSD and other issues following fighting overseas. She also stated Brown helped tremendously with relief efforts during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

"That shows a character of giving to others unselfishly," Jackson Lee said.

In other words, she was adept at giving away other people's money, not forgetting to give away some of it to herself.

The prosecutor, Tysen Duva, saw things differently and pointed out other problems:

Duva said Brown was accustomed to receiving money she should not have received. She also lied about donations to colleges, churches and other entities.

He also argued that Brown has made ludicrous comments during the investigation, including a comment where she essentially said that had investigators not been looking into her case, the Pulse shooting in Orlando would never have happened. She also referred to the charges as "bogus" and "racist," implying that she was targeted for her race in the case.

Duva objected to that notion by saying, "She was targeted because she committed fraud, not because she was black or white."

So what we have here is a thief, a giver away of other people's money who engineers praise for it as if she had given it away herself, and someone so determined to wriggle out of efforts to hold herself accountable that she plays the race card any which way she can, almost as a protective talisman.

Any questions as to why her re-election effort to her thirteenth term last year, under a slogan of "Corrine Delivers" before a new electorate, pretty well went bust?  Brown was defeated in her re-election bid by a fellow Democrat during the primary, Al Lawson.

Heck, forget the questions about going bust with voters.  Is it any wonder that with people like this in high office, the public holds Congress is such low esteem?

Ed.  Well what the heck...she was stealing from her OWN charity, after all!  Bill and Hillary have done that for decades and with MILLIONS, not the hundreds of thousands this pathetic piker was satisfied with!

GOP Leaders Who Threw Fellow Republican Moore to the Wolves Stay Silent on Dem Franken

The following article appeared on Breitbart on November 17th

By Ian Mason

Eminent Republicans like 2012 Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney and National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Corey Gardner lined up to condemn Judge Roy Moore. Very few are doing the same to Democratic Sen. Al Franken.

Judge Moore, never a favorite among national Republicans, nonetheless appeared to have made a quiet truce with establishment leaders after roundly defeating their preferred Senate nominee, Luther Strange, in the September primary. All that came apart with the advent of sexual misconduct allegations against Moore, despite his consistent and emphatic denials and the lack of any conclusive evidence for any of the accusers’ stories. 
Mitt began "ObamaCare" in his own State
Franken, by contrast, has, at least publicly, been a consistent political foe of virtually the entire Republican Party. He has, for example, been one of the leading voices passing the “Russia Story” election collusion narrative and has badgered populist Senator-cum-Attorney General Jeff Sessions for months on his accounts of brief meetings with Russian functionaries in an effort to discredit him. Members of the GOP establishment, however, have been much slower to declare Franken persona non grata in the wake a photograph showing him miming an indecent grab of sleeping then-model Leeann Tweedy on a 2006 USO tour of Afghanistan. Tweedy claims that, before the photograph was taken, Franken contrived a scripted kiss in order to force his tongue into her mouth in a rehearsal.

While none of the various accusers’ claims of victimization at Roy Moore’s hands have been proven, Mitt Romney was convinced the time for deliberation had passed. He tweeted Thursday, shortly after the first allegations against Moore broke in the Washington Post, that “innocent until proven guilty” did not apply in this situation, and Moore was “unfit for office.” 
John "What do I do now, Mitch" Cornyn

Only hours passed between the publication of the Post piece, in which Leigh Corfman accused Moore of attempting to have her touch him in a sexual manner when she was 14, and Romney’s twitter condemnation. After almost the same amount of time passed, Breitbart News reached out to Romney’s staff about whether he considered the Democrat Franken similarly unfit. Breitbart News received no reply, and Romney has yet to weigh in publicly about the Franken scandal.

Sen. Corey Gardner (R-CO) is chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the first central Republican organ to withdraw support from Moore in his general election struggle, just one day after the Post story broke. Gardner himself has been even more emphatic than Romney, telling the press that, even if the voters of Alabama choose Judge Moore to represent them, the Republican controlled Senate should join with Democrats to expel him “because he does not meet the ethical and moral requirements of the United States Senate.”

Expulsion proceedings against Franken could be begun immediately, but when Breitbart News contacted Gardner’s office about whether he thought that would be appropriate for the Senate to do, it received no reply.
Sens. Mitch McConnell and Corey Gardner
Other GOP Senators who have called for fellow Republican Moore to drop out remain silent on Franken, their colleague from across the aisle, despite inquiries from Breitbart News. These include Sen. John McMain (R-AZ), who said the Senate should “explore the various options” if Moore were elected; Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), who claimed she had spoken to Luther Strange about re-entering the race as a write-in candidate; and Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA), who called on Moore to “step aside,” even as he admitted, “We’ll probably never know for sure exactly what happened.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, in contrast to the establishment leaders named above, created some appearance of equity in his response to Franken. He called for an ethics committee review of Franken – the same fate he recommended for Moore if he were elected, writing in a statement:
McCain selling out a conservative? Seems IMPOSSIBLE, doesn't it!
As with all credible allegations of sexual harassment or assault, I believe the Ethics Committee should review the matter. I hope the Democratic Leader will join me on this. Regardless of party, harassment and assault are completely unacceptable—in the workplace or anywhere else.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), who endorsed Moore before dropping him Thursday, also called for an ethics investigation, telling Breitbart News, “This is a matter that should be referred to the Senate ethics committee. I think it’s the appropriate way to handle that.”

Palin: People Do Not Sexually Harass Me Because They ‘Know That I’m Probably Packing’

The following article appeared in Breitbart on November 17th

By Pam Key

In an interviewed that aired Thursday on MSNBC, former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) said she had never been a victim of sexual harassment because “a whole lot of people know that I’m probably packing.”

Palin said, “It’s not a partisan issue, so when we see this happening today, I think that it leads to a lot of questions about what standards are going to be applied to whom.”
Sarah Palin

When asked if she has ever been harassed, Palin continued, “I think a whole lot of people know that I’m probably packing and so I don’t think there’s a whole lot of people who would necessarily mess with me.”

She added, “I don’t mean to be lighthearted because this is a serious issue. It really stinks for women in the workplace that for too long, men have thought they can get away with kind of being that old-school thinking that it’s OK to belittle and harass women in general. Though the floodgates are really open right now, that could lead to a lot of false accusations that really harm an innocent person.”

Ed.  A classic response from a truly classy lady. Of course, had low life slugs like Joe Biden or Al Franken attempted to sexually harass Sarah Palin, she would have just smacked the Hell out of them. A pistol would have been unnecessary!

What a shame the GOP isn’t made up of Sarah Palin's rather than the likes of John McCain, Mitchie McConnell and Susan Collins.