Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Judicial lunacy: New Mexico's accused school shooter-training terrorist let out on bail

Ed. Like most who read about the decision of this idiot judge, I figured the suspects would be gone...BANG...just like that to some low-life, Middle Eastern country; or maybe San Francisco. But why do that? If Judge Sarah Backus is to be the trial judge, Sirraj Wahaj would probably be smart to stick around. It's 50-50 that Backus will virtually INSTRUCT the jury to find these lunatics Not Guilty, after which they can sue state officials for false arrest or being Islamaphobic or refusing to serve Halal chow during their brief visit to the county lock-up. 

Face it...these people are in fat city! 

The following article appeared in the American Thinker on August 14th

A missing child.  A dead body found on a "compound."  Eleven starving kids.  A police warning about a training camp to train school shooters.  A raving maniac of the Islamic fanatic persuasion.
The New Mexico Compound suspects and Judge Sarah Backus, who turned them loose
And somehow, none of that's quite good enough to hold the creep behind that utterly disturbing picture in jail for trial.  Solitary for Paul Manafort for a decades-old crime, sure, but this guy, Sirraj Wahhaj, and all his buddies get let out to go about their business.

Here's what the Daily Caller found:

A New Mexico state judge ruled Monday that five alleged Muslim extremists accused of training children to conduct school shootings do not have to remain in jail while they await trial for child abuse.

Judge Sarah Backus released the five defendants, Siraj Wahhaj, Hujrah Wahhaj, Subhannah Wahhaj, Jany Leveille, and Lucas Morten, on a $20,000 "signature bond," according to the Albuquerque Journal.  That means that the defendants will not have to pay money unless they violate the conditions of their release. 

Let's go over this again.  We have a murder case.  We have an extreme multiple child neglect case.  We have a likely kidnapping.  We have a terror-connected imam.  We have a creepy survivalist compound.  We have terrorism.  We have an insane diabolical plot to train children to do school shootings, and none of that, not even one little element of that, is good enough to keep this accused criminal in jail?

The article says the judge thought the prosecutors did not quite make their case and never mind about those emaciated kids.  Apparently, the terrorism accusation just went in one ear and out the other, with the judge convinced that anti-Islam sentiment is a greater threat to the U.S. than the deeds and intentions of actual bona fide terrorists.  Apparently, she thinks the war on terror ended long ago.  Or more likely, she really, really, really wanted to Get Trump.  Couple it with the press's reluctance to so much as report on the case, and the possibility that some kind of corruption may be at work here (Wahhaj seems to be connected to Linda Sarsour, who certainly has political clout), and we get a strange brand of justice that certainly isn't what an ordinary American would get if accused of similar charges.

This is actually the first I've ever heard of such charges, even individually, not leading to a denial of bail.  Bail is only going to free this thug to do more harm.  If he does that harm, the blood will be on this irresponsible left-wing judge's hands.

So much for the 'blue wave' in Florida

The following article appeared in the American Thinker on August 14th

Democrats in Florida are puzzled by several electoral signs that are showing the probability that a "blue wave" in the state is a mirage.  In fact, some analysts are wondering whether a "red tide" will supplant the blue wave.
Wipe Out!

It's par for the course in purple Florida, where statewide races are usually very close.

"If a blue wave is forming, it certainly hasn't crested.  Maybe there's a red tide coming in and affecting the blue wave?" said Daniel A. Smith, a University of Florida political science professor who studies the state's voter rolls and trends.

So far, there's enough data to show that some of Democrats' hoped-for advantages – concerning Hispanic voters, Democratic voter registrations, Democratic ballots cast or young voters – haven't clearly materialized heading into the Aug. 28 primary.  With close Senate and gubernatorial races, Florida is one of the most important states for both parties in the 2018 midterms.

For this election, the percentage of active registered Democrats is down by nearly 2 percentage points compared with 2016, according to Florida Division of Elections data published Sunday for the primary.  Because Florida doesn't allow last-minute voter registration, the figures are final.

Some Democrats are worried, but they won't say so publicly.  They haven't occupied the governor's mansion in 20 years, and the only statewide elected Democrat, Sen. Bill Nelson, who is seeking reelection, is slightly trailing Gov. Rick Scott in recent polls as the Republican has unloaded on him in a broad TV ad campaign.

"None of us will admit this publicly, but we're worried.  Where's the blue wave?" a Democratic consultant tied to a major Florida campaign said about Florida's 2018 election.  "The party has no money.  The Republicans do. ... But, thankfully, Republicans have Trump, and he's a disaster when the elections are close.  And this election will be close."

It should be noted that in several states, Democratic registrations are up, and pollsters are measuring a level of enthusiasm not seen in a while.  But also note that when it comes to actual voting, key Democratic constituencies aren't turning out.

That Hispanics and young people aren't casting early ballots is predictable.  In fact, the entire "blue wave" theory is dependent on the notion that minorities, young people, single women, and the educated will all turn out in droves to drive the Republicans from office.

There's only one problem with that theory: it's never happened before in off-year elections.  This time, it might be different, given the hysteria ginned up against Trump and Republicans.  When you're told Trump wants to kill you or take away your rights, fear and anger may yet drive these Democrats to the polls.

But so far, at least in Florida, it appears that Republicans have an even chance to blunt the blue wave and pull off some surprises. 

Democrat defeat in the Senate is beginning to take shape with Minnesota and New Jersey slipping away

By Kevin Collins

I stand by my prediction of 11 Republican pickups in the Senate.

The Senate Seats now held by Democrats Tina Smith of Minnesota and Bob Menendez of New Jersey are quickly slipping away from both of them.

In late spring the first signs that voters in New Jersey had had enough of crooked Democrats appeared when a survey with bizarre numbers was released. The poll showed Menendez ahead just 28/24 with an astounding 46% undecided.

This said lots of things about the mood of the voters in New Jersey and none of them were good for Menendez.

As a two-term incumbent from a very blue state he should not be having any trouble in his reelection; but he is.

The Republican in the race, Bob Hugin is a self-financed very aggressive candidate who is saying all the right things to win a statewide race in New Jersey.

The undecided voters have either broken for him 18/14 to make a real race of this election at 42/42 or have stopped talking to pollsters.

Neither of these explanations is good for Menendez.

Given that Menendez is the latest crooked New Jersey Democrat to walk away from his crimes, he is clearly not being given the usual pass from voters.
Bob Hugin

As a deep blue state two term Democrat incumbent mired at 42% support in mid-August, Menendez is mortally wounded and will lose.

In Minnesota the script is similar. The Democrat is the unelected holder of a U S Senate seat she was gifted with by a Democrat establishment that is losing its grip on her state.

Senator Tina Smith was given the seat vacated by the lecherous Al Franken, whom many Minnesotans remember stole his seat from Republican Norm Coleman by endless recounts taking about six months to settle.

It ended when the Democrats finally “found” enough votes in the trunk of an old Chevy to claim victory and run.

As expected, in the first poll of this race Smith was way ahead at 49/35 over her Republican challenger Karin Housley.

Nevertheless, it is the follow up poll that makes this a probable loss for Smith.

The most recent survey from a few days ago shows Housley has closed up and pulled down Smith.

The new poll shows Smith leading 32/28 with an astounding 41% undecided.

These polls were taken just two weeks apart. The very large percentage of “undecided” voters is a significantly good sign for that Housley.

By mid-August a Democrat incumbent, even if appointed, should be in control in Minnesota which has voted Republican on only rare occasions in the last 70 years.
Tina Smith

Smith’s problem is that she is “just another Democrat,” and as I have pointed out, this is not going to be a good year for “just another Democrat[s].”

She represents everything Americans detest about Democrats.

In 2016 Donald Trump lost Minnesota by 1.8% in a four-way race that included not only the eventual winner Hillary Clinton, but Gary Johnson the Libertarian and Evan McMullin the sabatour sent out by Mitt Romney to try to destroy Trump.

Together Johnson and McMullin pulled down 5.8% of the vote so it is not a stretch to believe that had either one not been in the race Trump would have won.

The underpinnings of Smith’s defeat are clear.

For a state that came very close to voting for Trump, Smith has made some very seriously bad “just another Democrat” votes.

She voted against the Trump Tax cuts; against immigration reform, and against confirming Judge Neil Gorsuch.

She voted to continue sanctuary cities; and to support continuing Obamacare.

There are already two Minnesota Congressional Districts now held by Democrats that even the New York Times has reluctantly admitted will flip to Republican control.

Both were won by Trump by 15 points. Republican enthusiasm for “getting over the top this time” is very high.

The combination of Catholics, who voted 52/45 for Trump, and Evangelicals who voted nearly 80/20 for Trump, will represent 41% of the electorate.

Smith’s vote against Gorsuch combined with her coming vote against Kavananugh will spell trouble for her.

Both groups want Judge Kavanaugh confirmed and are willing to defeat Smith to insure a future Republican controlled Senate that will confirm pro-life judges.

More than this, voting against Trump’s economic plans and for sanctuary cities will hang like a millstone around Smith’s neck.

Tina Smith will lose.